Thursday, January 04, 2007

Eliosound announces the ELS Vocoder

Eliosound the company behind AIR EQ has just announced the release of the ELS Vocoder a software vocoder. As you can see from the picture above its a very stylish affair with a very straight forward analogue style console. It's a 22 band vocoder with the level of each band controllable by one of the 22 sliders. The formants or shape of the sound can be controlled using the pin matrix. Overall it features a 22-band Vocoder, Input Gate, Pitch Extractor with detune on notes option, Voiced/Unvoiced detector, 2 VCOs (Oscillators), Noise generator, 2 LFOs, Frequency Shifter with source selector and advanced stereo settings, Slew/Freeze adjust, Level Slider and VuMeter for each band, Output Mixer, and Keyboard with key hold.

There are a few audio examples on their webpage. When I see a softsynth like this I can only dream of being able to afford an actual analogue hardware version but for now this is probably the most straight ahead vocoder I have seen. Should have loads of scope for all your Cylon and Daft Punk stlye voicings.

No price as of yet. Elisound will announce the price when they release the ELS Vocoder which is promised for early 2007.

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some news:

Eiosis is offering a group buy for ELS Vocoder.

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