Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Silver Rock Signature Knob

From Home Made to Haute Couture these Silver Rock Signature wooden Knobs cost a princely $485. "The point here is the micro vibrations created by the volume pots and knobs find their way into the delicate signal path and cause degradation (Bad vibrations equal bad sound). With the signature knobs micro vibrations from the C37 concept of wood, bronze and the lacquer itself compensate for the volume pots and provide (Good Vibrations) our ear/brain combination like to hear…way better sound!!" - well as long as we're talking way better sound then I guess scientifically I'd better run out and get them NOOOWWW!


Rodrigo said...

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digital signatures said...

Don't you think that its cost is too high ? Do you have another option for the replacement of it. It is out of my budget. I can't afford do much expensive. This time I can spend only $250.