Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Juan Atkins in his Metroplex Studio

Just a picutre and a link to an interview with Juan Atkins the originator of Detroit Techno. He talks about why he disliked MIDI on computers, the equipment in his basement Metroplex studios, synths and the state of techno music. It's not a new interview but it's a good one.

"The Pro One is my heart. I'll use that Pro One until it falls apart, and then I'll probably still use it if it makes any sounds. "These new synthesisers now, I think they're scaling them more to interface with the consumer. Synthesisers used to be synthesisers that a synthesist could play. Now manufacturers are going for presets and they make it really hard to get beyond those presets to program your own sounds." - Juan Atkins

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Anonymous said...

this photo actually shows a cutting studio (in the background its all equipment for vinyl mastering and part of a Neumann cutting lathe) - not Atkins' music studio