Sunday, August 19, 2007

Acidlab Baseline 2 - Modern Acid Studio

"demo of the new acidlab bassline 2, jam with Jomox x-Base 09 and a Roland TR-707" - thanks to pac209

A modern Acid studio for about €1'200, not including the mixer. This is a pretty cheap when you consider a single TB-303 recently sold on ebay for €1,700. It would have been good to see the Baselines sequencer being put thru it's steps... maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your link to my video. Here is a demo of the sequencer function

and for info, here is what I paid for this setup:
-707=160 Euro
-Jomox X-Base 09SE=335 Euro
-Acidlab Bassline 2=550 Euro
-mixer Soundcraft E 12=230 Euro

AudioLemon said...

Cheers Pac. I posted it up. An acid studio for the price of a cheap laptop... excellent.