Tuesday, August 14, 2007

DIY Music / Making Your Own Cardboard Synthesizer

This is a cardboard casing synth from FOTOSIS DIY. It's based on the 'Your First Synth' how-to shown here via Music From Outer Space. I think they share my enthusiasm for musical paper. "I think cardboard is a wonderful material to work with and still want to make another more complicated version in cardboard casing. It's cheap, versatile and easy to store or transport. We're big fans of cardboard furniture or anything using recycled materials."

"Testing our cardboard synth." thanks to lavieenjaune. For more info, photo's and links check out the FOTOSIS DIY blog.


fotosis said...

hey audiolemon, cheers for the link. i like that you used the pure cardboard case pic and that you know arte tracks. keep in touch - fotosis / connie

AudioLemon said...

Sound Fotosis/Connie... I love the whole paper/cardboard thing... ye did a great job... make it look so simple.