Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fly Fusion Digital Pen Music Studio

This is the music section for the Leap Frog Fly Fusion Pentop Computer - (yes I know its a long one). Basically it's a digital pen normally used to convert handwritten notes into text documents. The Music Studio is a page at the back of every LeapFrog notebook that's basically just to have fun with music.

"You can play and record music and rhythms on what's essentially an image of a keyboard and various buttons you might find on an electronic keyboard. There's even a turntable which emulates the sound of scratching records.

The kicker of all this is that you can draw all of these applications yourself. I was able to draw a keyboard and drums in my notebook, and play music right on the paper. That's just wild! It all starts with what's called a FlyCon. You draw a FlyCon--usually two letters inside a circle, and then you can browse through menus; the pen will literally talk you through drawing an application. Very cool stuff." - from gearlog

I found a few videos. Nothing spectacular but there's definitely some fun to had there, especially as it's only $80.

Standard MIDI but it proves it really is a notebook.

A kind of paper band.

There's another video of it being used in a more electronic music vein over at Gizmodo don't share the embed code for the video so you'll have to follow the link. It's pretty crappy but it shows you can use it to loop proper breaks and trigger samples from the keyboard. It even shows a bit of the ultra craptacular DJ scratchpad. I'm sure you could re-route the control on the scratchpad to something else.... anything else!

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