Friday, August 17, 2007

MySpace Music Download Hack

There's a new MySpace hack from a place called It's about as simple as it gets. Put in the bands name and all the tunes they have hosted on MySpace pop up. Then it's a one click download, no registration, no knowledge needed, idiot proof. This already has 2180 Diggs so people are interested.

I tried it out with Metallica's myspace and sure enough 4 of their tracks appeared for download. Lars will not be happy. There's already a load of Myspace hacks but this is by far the simplest and fastest. Another advantage for the leecher is your IP address cannot be tracked as you are not part of a P2P network. In my opinion this is just another one of many reasons why musicians should push for ISP based music subscription.

EDIT: The link doesn't work anymore as the site has been taken down. No explanation given but I suppose you could hazard a guess.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if MySpace is flipping out.

AudioLemon said...

Well something happened... The page is down now. Error 404

Anonymous said...

myspace take down