Monday, August 27, 2007

Studer C37 Valve reel to reel tape recorder

"Built in 1960, told to be the best valve reel to reel ever made, it is said that Willi Studer saw one of the Ampex machines (probably an Ampex 300 or 350), he was so impressed with the recorder he set out to build a better machine. The C37 by far blows away the Ampex and any reel to reel of its time for build quality, though I have not had an Ampex 300 or 350 to listen to I could not personally say which really does sound better.

The recorder was a stereo version of the famous J37 which was used in the beetles recordings, the C37 was the first stereo professional reel to reel to come from Studer and it also marks the co-operation with EMT Wilhelm Franz and Studer, the recorder boasts a recording frequency of 20Hz to 17KHz +-2db on 7.1/2 or 15 ips, this one records 20KHz on 15ips with +-2dB though a world famous designer Tim de Paravicini can modify these machines to record 20Hz to 35LHz +-1dB with a S/N of 90dB! This is beyond CD quality as 90dB noise is not detectable and CD's frequency output is 20KHz (Half the digitized sample rate)." - thanks to


Anonymous said...

A bit confused on this Are you selling this beast If so let me know email me on indmills at replace the at with @ spammers are everywhere

AudioLemon said...

No I'm not selling it. posted the clip maybe have a look there. I just thought it was a decent look at the inside of a reel to reel.