Friday, August 24, 2007

Wizoobooks Publishes SynthEdit eBook

Wizoobooks have published a SynthEdit ebook. On the front cover they describe it as the cookbook for SynthEdit maniacs :) Personally I think this is great news. SynthEdit is one of my favourite pieces of free software. I love it's simplicity and scalability. The community group is a fantastic and friendly place to go for information. Designer Jeff McClintock and module creator Dave Haupt go out of their way to help people. The help files alone in Dave Haupts modules shows the attention to detail and care that goes into designing his modules.

Although there are a few places where you can get information on SynthEdit, it is always going to be somewhat of an uphill battle for those unfamiliar with modular synthesis. I think an eb00k is a great idea. I have not seen it so I can't say if it's worth the asking price of $14.99. Most examples featured in the book are also as .se1 files in a zip file It doesn't help that the website does not give a breakdown of whats in the book. However Wizoo products are usually decent and their guide to the Nord modular won many friends.

via KVR


Anonymous said...

Jeff McClintock does NOT go out of his way to help people,he only really helps module designers!As a synthedit customer i'm appauled at the lack of support for the product,u send an email for support but don't hold your breath for a reply cause it won't come".Even at his support group you'd be lucky to get a reply from him.
His an arrogant dick if u ask me'.

AudioLemon said...

You think so? I always found him to be very decent. I haven't needed any support in quite a while but when I did my questions were always answered. If not by Jeff directly then on the forum itself.

I am not sure how much you paid as it's kind of donation based. I gave $20(the recommended donation) and to be honest I got my moneys worth manifold over.

I found Jeff and Dave to be very helpful when it came to suggestions for developing a new module or changing a partiuar modules functionality.

I do not want to defend him I just want to state my experiences so as things may be more balanced.