Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The PRAT Sampler - 1916

The PRAT Sampler, that is the Phono, Repeating, Audio, Track, Sampler, was found in the form of blueprint drawings, original instruction manual, and some company/personal papers of Edwin J Baird, dated back to 1916.

Baird's innovation was not well documented, or immediately further developed, but did indeed lay the foundations - and was the precursor to all modern day multi-track audio recording.

The PRAT Sampler was of course a four track wax cylinder recording and sampling machine; developed for writers and composers, allowing them to create new music, loops and compositions without the need for a full band. This domestic looking artifact comprised an input horn, a length of musical pipe, a rotating shaft, four repeater arms and sound boxes, one recording arm and an output horn. Ediwn J Baird was surely a visionary, his invention a true treasure for us to find and resurect to its former glory.

you can watch a short film HERE.

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Memeshift said...

Hi Audiolemon,
I tried looking at the video but it seems that the video has since been taken down?

This looked like a great post, akin to one I wrote about Marcel Duchamp's 'Nude Descending a Staircase' as a precursor to Autechre's 'Gantz Graf' video by Alex Rutterford.


The Museum of Lost Interactions looks great too!