Monday, October 29, 2007

Stefan Paul Goetsch - Free MP3 Album

Here's a free mp3 album sent to me by Stefan Paul Goetsch called "Openings" Download it HERE (100 MP zip, 256K MP3 HiQuality Encoding).

It's a haunting mix of ambience, electro-acoustic, experimental music and in some tracks spoken word. Stefan calls it "Dramatically structured digital-acoustics" . As far as I can make out Stefan made some or most of this music for various theater pieces.

" Currently, you can catch me live with the THE DANCE INC. at these places:
07.Nov.2007 Knust + CLIENT Hamburg
08.Nov.2007 Columbia Club + CLIENT Berlin
09.Nov.2007 Römer Bremen
10.Nov.2007 Centrum + CLIENT Erfurt
11.Nov.2007 Yard Club / Kantine + CLIENT Köln
12.Nov.2007 Ampere + CLIENT München
13.Nov.2007 Chelsea Wien
15.Nov.2007 Conne Island + SAALSCHUTZ Leipzig
16.Nov.2007 Zum TeufelHeidelberg
17.Nov.2007 Mariaberg Rorschach (CH)"

Sent my way thanks to Stefan Paul Goetsch.

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Stefan said...

Thanks for posting!

For the gearheads, I used mosty Ableton Live, Gefell M691/M70 for recording, Crusher-X Granular Synth, Transverb, an old violin, a piano, bass and field recordings.

Enjoy the record!