Monday, November 19, 2007

Godfather of Irish Electronic Music - Roger Doyle

This an extract from Babel by Roger Doyle. It is part of a large-scale musical structure released on a 5-CD set, making use of many technologies and music languages. Each track corresponds to a room or place within a giant tower city. It took ten years to compose. Roger Doyle worked with 48 collaborators and produced 93 individual pieces of music for Babel.

you can have a listen to a few tracks from the Babel Boxset at:

Roger Doyle is the Godfather of Irish electronic music. He has been producing electronic music since his 1978 album Thalia. His latest album Ninth Set recently won the Magisterium Award at the Bourges International Electro-acoustic Music Competition in France. The prize, which is awarded to composers with at least 25 years of professional experience, highlights works that might become milestones in the history of electro-acoustic music.

This was reposted to youtube with the permission of Roger Doyle. The noise at the end is the result of converting from an .swf to an .avi to an .flv. It still sounds great :)

EDIT: You can listen to a few audio examples at even higher quality at

and Roger has just added a new page with 5 audio examples from The Ninth Set


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