Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jack Ruby Sound System 1980's

This is a rare picture of Jack Ruby's Sound System taken in 1983. The name Jack Ruby may not be as well known as Bob Marley or Prince Fari but in Jamaica and the UK he is a legend. Last Saturday (Nov 24) a Jack Ruby Memorial scholarship fund was launched to support students from the Marcus Garvey High School and also one highschool from his hometown Ocho Rios.

His Sound System was so large that most of the players in Dub & Reggae played on parts or all of it at one stage. However, he will be best remembered for producing Burning Spears 1973 LP "Marcus Garvey" and its Dub equivalent Garveys Ghost. Below you can find 3 clips of the Sound System in use.... very tasty :)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

"This is from the documentary "Deep Roots Reggae" by Mikey Dread. In this scene you see the Jack Ruby Sound System with MC's and the like. Great Dub Reggae with MC's." - thanks to midimaster


mick woc said...

the giant pulsating overflowing brain of reggae knowledge of the bloodandfire message board massive id'd all the singers on those clips there ken..
1st Scotchy Ranking
2nd icho candy.
3rd mikey simpson 'groovey lovin'

AudioLemon said...

sound Mic:)

If your reading this late reply...Happy Xmas:)

Zgreens said...

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