Friday, June 29, 2007

Radiohead & The Ondes Martenot

Here's a little video of Radiohead playing Pyramid live. About 2 minutes in you can see an Ondes Martenot wailing away. Although Johnny Greenwood asked Analogue Systems to build a replica called the French Connection, this is a real one.

thanks to fabiocchi for posting this.

Alice Shields - Study for Voice and Tape (1968)

funknroll has an excellent account on YouTube. Basically she calls it the Herstory of RockNFunk. Follow the link to find lots of interesting female fronted rock and funk music from the 60's & 70's.

The music from this particular video is from Alice Shields. Alice Shields was a 60's electronic experimental composer using the techniques of Music Concrete (tape editing) and a Buchla synthesizer. Alice studied under Vladimir Ussachevsky at Columbia University and eventually became an assistant at the Electronic Music Centre. I guess she used the same Buchla as Morton Subotnick did for "Silver Apples Of The Moon". (listen)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Musical Keyboard Invention

"This is a truly revolutionary new musical keyboard invention! it represents a great business opportunity. I am seeking ways to finance the project and bring the invention to world markets. are you able to help?"

From: hugomasias

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Serge Modular

There is an excellent post on Synthwire reviewing the Serge modular. It's worth checking out. Carbon111 also has his own site with lots on info on his various bits of kit. If you're there it's also worth having a look at his Korg Oasys page.

If you want to hear the Serge in action you can have a listen HERE and HERE.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Vestax Faderboard

I was looking around after the last post on Faderboards and I came across THIS demo video. It's more a straight up demo than a live expo like in the last post. I like these things. I just wish they weren't so expensive.

DJ Woody on Vestax Controller One

"Over 2 years ago i aided the design of this turntable, most notably with the addition of the note buttons around the platter. Here is my first experiment with it. Recorded 13th June 2007."

via createdigitalmusic

Between that and the Vestax Faderboard it shows vestax are really trying to create new instruments for DJ's. If the faderboard shows us anything, other than the skills of DJ Shing, it's that we need better much better faders than we are used to getting on our MIDI controllers.

Logic Cafe

This is a no brainer for all you Logic users out there. There is a new website dedicated to Logic. It has articles, tutorials, freely downloadable environments, exs24 patches, vintage drum machine grooves and much more.

Check it out

via computer music

Online TR-909

Andre Michelle has created an online 909 and is currently making a 303 version. It's pretty sweet. You can find it at

via ATOM on VSE

For other online classic drum machines have a look HERE.

RIZBOMB "light" 070624

rooftop. battery power. rain.
Roland Micro Cube, BugBrand Audio Weevil, Bleep Labs Thingamagoop....

Sunday, June 24, 2007

"My God!It talks!"

I had this kicking around on my hard-drive for a while so I thought I'd post it up. It's a recording from the 1939 World Trade Fair demonstrating Homer Dudleys Voder. The Voder was affectionately called Pedro after the Brazilian Emperor Dom Pedro whom, upon first hearing the telephone in 1876 declared "My God!It talks!". - science review 1939 article.

The Voder actually produced only two basic sounds: a tone generated by a radio valve to produce the vocal sounds and a hissing noise produced by a gas discharge tube to create the sibilants. These basic sounds were passed through a set of filters and an amplifier that mixed and modulated them. To get the machine to actually speak required an operator to manipulate a set of keys and a foot pedal to convert the hisses and tones into vowels, consonants, stops, and inflections. And the operator needed a year's practice just to master the keys. - real robot.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Theremin - Clara Rockmore plays "Hebrew Melody" (Achron)

Clara Rockmore plays "Hebrew Melody" on the Theremin. This clip as far as I remember is on the Ohm:Early Gurus of Electronic Music DVD however there are a many more clip on YouTube from the same session that aren't on the DVD.
all posted thanks to yaoikan1981

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Microsoft Multi-Touch Desktop

Click on the image to play the video
Microsoft are bringing out a Multi-Touch screen desktop (literally) computer. They are calling the project Milan. Microsofts press releases are aiming the thing at public places like hotels, airports, casinos... however the musical applications for multi-touch screen controllers are already being looked into. Open Source projects like reacTable, and commercial products such as those produced by Jazz Mutant have already shown some of the possibilties for music production using multi-touch technologies.

via ann

You can see a parody video HERE. Always good to see the other side :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reason 4 Revealed

Reason 4 has been revealed. We all knew about Thor, the new semi modular synth for Reason, but there are a few surprises as well. There is a dedicated Arpeggiator that can be used to modulate pitchs or control voltages.... sweet. There is also a new groove sequencer called ReGroove for adding that human feel to your productions. As ever it's going to be €449 new or €99 for an upgrade. Not a bad price for an upgrade.

Hopefully they have remoddelled the oscillators and filters for Thor. I always found them a little lack lustre. If you already own a copy of Reason you can do some beta testing HERE.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yamaha CS-40m

An excellent demo of the Yamaha CS-40m thanks to Analogue Crazy - via vintage synths.
He fairly nails the "Being Boiled" riff.

Jean Laurendeau and the Ondes Martenot

This is a fantastic demonstration of the Ondes Martenot. I wish they'd make a MIDI controller like that.

"A light overview of the rarely heard Ondes Martenot, with one of the world's foremost masters of the instrument, Jean Laurendeau." - via unidaddy.

Coltron the Jazz Robot

"This is the legendary song from John Coltrane, "Giant steps", played by a japanese robot! Sounds weird.." - youtube via nicofarr

While its not perfect it does a better job of it than I could :)

Trumpet Playing Toyota Partner Robot

First it was synthesizers, then it was MIDI and now poor musicians have to contend with this.

Huge monophonic analogue oscillator

Click on the image play the video

"This is a solid-state Tesla coil. The primary runs at its resonant frequency in the 41 KHz range, and is modulated from the control unit in order to generate the tones you hear.

What's not immediately obvious in this video is how loud this is. Many people were covering their ears, dogs were barking. In the sections where the crowd is cheering and the coils is starting and stopping, you can hear the the crowd is drowned out by the coil when it's firing."

via dvdborn

You can see another Tesla Coil Music vid HERE.

Skreams BBC 1's essential mix

This weeks BBC 1's essential mix comes from Skream. Skream has been making and releasing music since he was 15. He's now 21 and one of the most respected DJ/Producers of the Dubstep sound.

If you like your beats chunky and your basses big then DOWNLOAD THIS MIX. You can find a tracklisting HERE.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Glitch VST demo video

"Just a quick demo video I made to show off some of the features of my Glitch VST plugin. I let a simple breakbeat sample play on loop while I go through and tweak various parameters in realtime. It's difficult to see all the details thanks to YouTube's low res video, but hopefully you get the idea."

You can download the plugin for free from:

The First Moog Quartet - Bei Mir Bistu Shein

The First Moog Quartet playing the popular Yiddish musicial tune Bei Mir Bistu Shein. Produced by Gershon Kingsley who ordered 4 Moog Modular synths from Bob Moog to create The First Moog Quartet. It's short and sweet...

"My father got this from a Salvation Army store for 25 cents. He must've made some find. Played on my Pioneer PL-518. " - Frritzz

you can follow an update on matrixsynth.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian - Bamboo Music

Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian's 1982 video for Bamboo Music. Watch out for the Prophet 5. The drum machine is the classic LinnDrum.

You can download a free LinnDrum sample pack from Music Machines. You could even download a few Prophet 5 multi-samples and see what you get. :)

Roland TB-303 Video

Just click on the picture to play this 19 min 50 sec Quicktime documentary on the Roland TB-303. It's been around a while and comes from the same place as the Amen Break video. They both come from a guy called Nate Harrison. He has a few other vids on his website so you may have a look.

"Bassline Baseline is a video essay that investigates the invention, failure and subsequent resurrection of the mythic Roland TB-303 Bass Line music machine in the last two decades of the 20th century. The narrative seeks to invite thoughts on technological mediation within product innovation and creative expression. The dead-panned 'documentary' video attempts to explore how and why creative tools fail and how increasingly more options, parameters or intermediaries devised during a tool's research and development phase don't necessarily lead to increased expressivity or virtuosity during the tool's lifetime of actual use, unless the super-structure of its cultural context is dramtically reconsidered. " - Nate Harrison.

Used TB-303's are very expensive these days, usually going for over a €1000. For those not flush with cash maybe you could look at software instead. Luckily the 303 is so popular there are a good few VST emulations. Before Reason, Propellerheads released the Rebirth RB-383 which features an 808, 909 and 2 TB-303's. Now they are giving it away for FREE HERE. If you just want something simple maybe you could try THIS Muon Tau 303 clone. Or if you want to splash a bit of cash you could look at the excellent AudioRealisms Baseline.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Arturira Minimoog VST

Thought i'd be fair and post up a demo of Arturia's Minimoog VST. Must be Moog week on AudioLemon this week.

Minimoog Demo

Two Minimoog demos from retrosound72. Just thought I'd put them up so as people can have a look at both the Mini and the Voyager.

Moog Voyager with Mike the Teacher

"Moog Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue; wonking and bleeping and droning by Mike the Teacher; RIP Bob Moog. Ron and Fez RULE." - MikeTheTeacher

If you're ever over in London, Turnkey they have a farily battered Voyager on display. Good for a bit of craic.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Irish Recording Industry Forces ISP Identity Disclosures

The Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMO) has forced regional ISPs to disclose the identities of suspected file-sharers, thanks to a ruling by the Dublin High Court. The decision will require six providers to reveal the identities of roughly two dozen alleged swappers. The organization pushed for the result on behalf of the four majors, part of a global campaign that has yielded mixed results. In the United States, for example, the RIAA has been forced into a rather complicated and expensive identity disclosure process, one that first involves the identification of "John Doe" file-sharers. Irish providers Digiweb, BT, Smart Telecom, Irish Broadband, NTL, Eircom and Imagine were affected by the court ruling, according to information supplied by IRMA.

Discussing the victory, IRMA director general Dick Doyle promised draconian consequences for the alleged pirates. "They are stealing from our artists and affecting the livelihood of many people in the music industry," Doyle said. "We will not tolerate this and will do everything in our power to ensure they are brought to justice." That mirrors sentiments at other label trade organizations, including the BPI, though questions continue to surround the effectiveness of the continued legal campaign against swappers. IRMA has already prosecuted 66 file-sharers, of which 61 have faced financial penalties.

I take no credit for this article. It comes in full from Digital Media News.

On a personal note I think this is all a scam. As far as I know Ireland has not agreed on any form of subscription based internet music service such as Napster, Wippet or Yahoo Music Unlimited. So IMRO go around sueing people, invading their privacy and putting them through the stress of heavy penalities as they are unwilling to put legislation in place that would allow for subscription based internet music.
Where do all the monies from these penalities go. Well in the recent case where BPI and IMRO sued CD WOW and were awarded £41 billion that money will not go to artists and musicians but rather into a fund that is used to carry out more court cases. The artists don't directly benefit. Only the IMRO itself.
It's a scam and just to show you that IMRO are not above scamming have a look at THIS. IMRO are more interested in protecting their own interests, as royalty collectors, than they are about protecting the interests of musicians.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Gary Numan (Tubeway Army) - Are Friends Electric

Gary Numan playing Are Friends Electric on the Old Grey Whistle Test... lots of rocking Minimoog action.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oberheim 2 Voice test

It's all in the title. The Oberheim 2 Voice being brought out for a test drive. Thanks to Hobbs360 for posting them.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The one the didn't get away!

Had to post this... mistercooper from the Vintage Synths forum just bought this 1970's hand made modular synth for $50. Yes that's right folks 50 dollars. I have runners that cost more than $50. It even has a Bode Frequency Shifter which, for those that might not know, usually retail around the €1000 mark.

You can check out the full story HERE.

Spacelab Jam (Part 1 of 7)

Here is a jam on my home made sound modules. I built 3 modules:

1- The PROBER logic probe interface/power supply for electronic circuits being probed for sound (blue module on the left with wires coming out of it)

2- The HARMOTRON nauseating harmonic rearranger (blue module in the center, with 3 knobs). The left knob controls which part of the harmonics will be affected. The center knob controld the nausea/grunt/squeaking, the right knob is the wet/dry control.

3- The SUPERSWEEP 3000 complete analog filter (the blue module on the right with 3 knobs. Has LP/BP/HP functions with an added switch that processes ony a half cycle of the sound, intentionally given a cheezy name). The left knob controls the frequency, the center knob controls the resonance, the right knob controls the volume.

4- A function generator kit that I modified and put in a case (white box, top left). this is the main source that is modified by the HARMOTRON and the SUPERSWEEP 3000

The whole system is set in an aluminum briefcase.

It starts off slow, but get pretty wild and intense.

Have a good trip. Via -
YvanArshoun (There are 7 parts to this so if you want more just follow the YouTube link or click on his name)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Saturday, June 02, 2007

M-Audio offer 31 free Torq Tutorials

M-Audio offer 31 free Torq Tutorials. Torq as you probably know is M-Audio's answer to laptop DJing. If you go HERE you can find 31 tutorial demos on everything from setting it up, to beat matching, to MIDI mapping. Can't be bad for free!