Saturday, September 29, 2007

TB-303 Acid Reflux 004

The fourth in the Acid Reflux series from RRKS69 and this one is the most banging yet :) Check out his YouTube account for a few more acid trax.

sent my way thanks to RRKS69

Spectralis Groovebox and Synth Tutorial

"Paul Harlyn gives a how-to lession on how to make an real time improv groove" - thanks to paulharlyn

Friday, September 28, 2007

Reason 4 & Thor Video Reviews

Reason 4 video review. It looks good... but it always looked good. The problem was in the the way it sounded.... I don't want to judge the sound quality by listening to a horribly compressed video so I'll wait until I get the upgrade. Tell me the guy in the video doesn't look like one of George A. Romero's Zombies... :)

Thor Video

For most Thor is going to be the big puller for Reason 4. Looks good on paper although I am not a huge fan of those modulation routing schemes where you have to squint to read values at the bottom of the synth... still it does look good and the formant filter is a sweet touch.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A look at the RAI Phonology Studio Europes most advanced synth studio during the 1950's. It's so old the oscillator section of the synth is a good 3 meters away from the noise source....

This is another one of the TechStuff documentaries. There are 7 short documentaries in total... definitely worth a look. Check them all out HERE.


"Tech Stuff is the QOOB Factory’s first production. The idea, generated by eclectic QOOB user Tobor Experiment, is produced by QOOB in partnership with The Box Films. Tech... More» Stuff is a documentary of 10 x 4 mins episodes on the techniques, the artists and the most bizarre instruments which have made the history of electronic music. Robert Moog, father of modern synthesizer. Life and works of the inventor that revolutionised electronic music. From the college-years debut to the most loved synthesizer of all times" - QOOBTV

Prophet '08 Exclusive Preview

"A long preview of the incoming Prophet'08 from Dave Smith Instruments." - thanks to audiofanzinetv and DIGITAL SCREAMS over on the VSE forum for spotting it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Free Yellow Tools Sampler & 2GB Sample Library

Yellow Tools are giving away a free version of their Independence Sampler. It's available for both Mac & PC and is Vista compatible. Independence Free 2.0 comes with a 2 GB sound library of selected premium instruments from the Independence 2.0 Core Library, including Acoustic & Electronic Drum Kits, Acoustic & Electric Basses, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Electric Pianos, Synthesizers, Ethno & Tonal Percussion, World Percussion, Pipe Organ, Arpeggiator, Groove Instruments, Arranger and Step Sequencer patches.

The only real downside is you can't load samples into it. For that you have to purchase the Pro version. Independence Free has a few notable features including:
  • Multicore Support (up to 8 cores supported)
  • 64 Mono/Stereo outs
  • Origami Impulse Response processor engine incl. surround support up to 8.1
  • Auto chord harmonizer
  • LFE Creator option for LFE filter
Can't go wrong for the price :)

via chipcollection & sonicstate

Monday, September 24, 2007

Waldorf Q Demonstration

Pretty good demo of the Waldorf Q. Always liked the sound of the Q. It's in German but there's not too much talking... you get to hear the vocoder as well. Never too keen on the vocoder in the the Q...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

XLR8R TV Episode 25: Dubstep

London-based DJ Youngsta schools us on one of our favorite emerging music scenes, dubstep. Youngsta explains the evolution of the genre, its key players and which records should be on your turntable.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Vector Synthesizer

short demo of the legendary SCI Prophet VS Vector Synthesizer

used by: Brian Eno, Ice House, Apollo 440, Depeche Mode, Vince Clarke, Kraftwerk, Erasure, John Carpenter and many more

more info:

USB 3.0 Announced

USB 3.0 has just been announced which promises data transfer speeds up to 10 times faster (4.8 Gigabits per second) than current technology. Low power usage is also a major new feature, important for those of us on laptops or using battery powered devices (iPods etc.). Backwards compatibility is also assured though don't expect to see USB 3 devices on the market til sometime 2009.

Reports Here and Here

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

KAOSSILATOR Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer

There's been talk of this on THIS VSE thread trying to figure out what the KOASSILATOR is and if it was just a photoshop job. Sounds pretty real to me :)

"The next innovation in the highly acclaimed line of Korg DJ tools has arrived! The KAOSSILATOR is a new pocket sized instrument that packs Korg's world renowned synth sound along with innovative performance features into an ultra-compact unit. Anyone can instantly play musical phrases by simply tapping or sliding their finger across the KAOSSILATOR's touch pad -- no previous skills required! The KAOSSILATOR is a portable, travel friendly device that runs on batteries, so you can have fun creating music anywhere your life takes you, with seemingly endless possibilities." - rc10t3

Monday, September 17, 2007

Highway 43

"43-note-per-octave music by Jim Gordon" - JimGordon5

The 43 note octave scale is based on instruments designed by Harry Partch... some very tasty studio shots.

Myself and the EMS Synthi 100

"Here's a clip of myself being interviewed by SonicState in 2003. We had nearly completed restoration of a EMS Synthi 100 and were showing it in London. I HATE having my pic taken - being filmed - whatever! And to have a mic shoved in front of you with no rehearsal - yikes! No wonder I forgot everything and stumbled all the way through!!

Just to correct a couple of things - this Synthi was researched in depth (with help from R. Wood!)and found to be the original DIGITANA (the name for the prototype before Synthi 100) as used and pictured in the EMS Studio. The sequencer was designed slightly later around '70 - 71... This being the original it consisted several veroboards!
An awesome instrument when its restoration was completed - and one I miss" -

So this clip has been up for a while but I never saw it so I thought I'd post it...

Vactrol pulses (Buchla Clone)

"Recorded to demonstrate the sound of vactrol lopass gate. Multi-oscillator drone into Oakley 12 stage v/c phasor then into lopass gate (Buchla clone), with control voltages from random pulses" - thanks to ynCheyllys

Really I'm just a sucker for the illuminated rubber ducky :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

SH-09 Bass Riff

"Here is a bass riff from one of Roland's best synths, the SH-09." thanks to analoguecrazy4

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Controlling Doepfer modular synth with a Wiimote

"This video is about controlling a modular synth with Nintendo's wiimote gamepad, using Doepfer A-100, Doepfer MCV24, Wiimote and computer.
Softwares used are Bluesoleil, Glovepie and midiox.

This video is not an artistic demonstration but a technical explanation of this system (that can be used for making music ofc).
Musical jams and stuff coming soon...

Thanks for watching and sorry for approximative english." - thanks to

Roland TR-505 circuit bent by Electro Moos

"Roland tr505 running through an old basf cassete player giving the drum machine extra lo-fi flavour" - probably the best modded TR-505 I've seen.

CASIO MT-400v & GE TOTE A TUNE / Analog Toy Synthesizers

"The TOTE A TUNE is a real unique and warm sounding toy. I recommend this to anyone who likes that FARFISA / VOX / ACETONE sound. Of course, Its a joke to really compare these to compact organs. But made in 1971, I dont think you will be dissapointed with its tone. Also, the CASIO or CASIOTONE MT-400v filter is no way comparable to MOOG, ARP, KORG, ROLAND, ect. but it is nice to have around as a something different. The filter and white noise will please you if you keep this in mind." - thanks to electricinsect1

Free Refills: Candy Land Volume 1

AudioDesign, a fairly new blog, has posted a free NNXT refill for Reason. "As a start you can download the first volume from here, for free. It contain 50 high quality custom made NNXT patches based on 24-bit WAV samples, also custom made especially for the refill." This is volume 1 so I guess there are more free Refills on the way. It has a kind of early 90's rave vibe... well worth the bandwidth. - via the chip collection blog.

KVR Developer Challenge 2007 - Entries Available; 41 New Plug-ins / Apps; All Free!

"Welcome to the KVR Developer Challenge 2007, the second free-for-all audio plug-in / audio application design event! Building on the success of last years event, KVRDC07 is bigger and better!

The final date for submissions has passed and download day is upon us! All entries can be downloaded below, NOW! Voting will commence from 17th September so you've got at least a week to play with the new toys to see which ones you love the most.

There are 41 entries. We had a strong Windows turnout again (40) but, sadly, a very low number for Mac (3) and Linux (1)... 37 of them are in the ubiquitous VST format, 2 Audio Units made it through and there are 5 stand-alone applications too." - link to KVR

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Drive in Intermission Space Clock

" drive in synthesizer intermission" - thanks to mathewbailey08

You have to wonder what kind of film they were showing...

TB-303 Acid Reflux 003

"Banging acid techno...303+909=BLISS...what did you think of #003 in the Acid Reflux series?" and very sweet it is :) - sent my way thanks to RRKS69
He has another 2 up there... just follow the youtube account or you can go to his myspace HERE.

Joe Zawinul R.I.P. (1932 - 2007)

Joe Zawinul died of cancer this morning in Vienna.

Jazz legend Joe Zawinul, who soared to fame as one of the creators of jazz fusion and performed and recorded with Miles Davis, died early Tuesday, a hospital official said.
He was 75.

Zawinul had been hospitalized since last month. A spokeswoman for Vienna's Wilhelmina Clinic confirmed his death without giving details.

Zawinul won widespread acclaim for his keyboard work on chart-topping Davis albums such as "In A Silent Way" and "Bitches Brew," and was a leading force behind the so-called "Electric Jazz" movement.

In 1970, Zawinul founded the band Weather Report and produced a series of albums including "Heavy Weather," "Black Market" and "I Sing the Body Electric." After that band's breakup, he founded the Zawinul Syndicate in 1987.

Zawinul is credited with bringing the electric piano and synthesizer into the jazz mainstream.

This past spring, he toured Europe to mark the 20th anniversary of the Zawinul Syndicate.
He sought medical attention when the tour ended, the Viennese Hospital Association said in a statement last month.

I genuinely felt upset when I heard Joe Zawinul had died. "When you're born with talent and you're healthy, all you can do is try to be a decent person, and give back." - Joe Zawinul in a sos interview.

【転載】 Vocaloid "初音ミク" で Zabadak「遠い音楽」

In this movie produced by S.MiK, the Vocaloid "HATSUNE MIKU" sings "To-o-i Ongaku" (Distant Song) by ZABADAK.
-- Vocaloid HATSUNE MIKU is a female vocal-synthesizer developed by Crypton Future Media, Inc.
--- Quote: "Why we human-beings have let music go?"(人はどうして音楽を手放したの?)
[visit:] - thanks to

Monday, September 10, 2007

Tenori-On Video Review at Sonic Labs

Worth going over to SonicState to have a look at their in-depth Tenori-On video review. Had to find a picture so I found this score sheet for the Tenori-On. It has nothing to do with the sonocstate review but I thought it looked cool - pic via onetonnemusic

Weird Audio Installation - Apparaat 3

Here's some weird shit. It's an annoying but oddly satisfying art installation by Jan Trützschler von Falkenstein. It gets better/stranger as you watch it. The description is one part metaphysical science fiction and 2 parts arts grant application... still weird is good :)

"Apparatus 3
by Jan Trützschler von Falkenstein 2003
"Apparatus :A toy that simulates thought and is so complex that the person playing with it cannot comprehend it; its game consists of combinations of symbols contained in its program; while fully automated apparatuses have no need of human intervention, many apparatuses require humans as players and functionaries.
Functionary: The functionary dominates the apparatus through controlling its exterior (input and output), and is in turn dominated by the opacity of its interior. In other words, functionaries are people who dominate a game for which they are not competent."
(Vilém Flusser)" - thanks to falkenst

Online Doepfer Modular Planner (update)

I put THIS post up yesterday about an online modular planner for Doepfer. Well I sent Andy (the designer) an email and he said that overtime he was going to try and include more Eurorack formats in the planner. Now that really would be great.

Link to the planner... although it's worth reading the instructions in the original post.. saves time :) back again

If you remember THIS post you'll know that was a service that allowed you to rip tracks from MySpace. If you've read that post you'll also know it was taken down fairly quickly. Well an anonymous poster left a message saying it was back up again in a new and completely innocent guise... with new and improved terms of service. I checked it out with my myspace account and all 5 of my tracks appeared.Check it out
- thanks to an anonymous poster

Laptop Battles

Nerds come over all hippedy-hoppedy in live head-to-head laptop battle action!

Check the 'official' site HERE

Monday Game - Groove Desk

It's called Groove Desk and it's kind of like Ejay. You can change loops, volume and there's a kind of filter on the bass. Good for a few minutes :)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dave Smith Prophet 08

The first Prophet 08 clip on YouTube "just out of the box" - thanks to electro2

Online Doepfer Modular Planner

Follow THIS link to a modular planner for Doepfer. This would have made my life a little easier. Read below for a brief description and a few tips on how to use it.

"Hi all,

You may or may not yet have seen my Modular Planner on the Doepfer website. It is currently linked to my site but they are hosting their own Euro price version soon, for now just open that link in a new browser window. I will be hosting the combined US/UK/Euro price version on my site soon.

I just wanted to give you a few tips on how best to use it.

Because of the real estate the planner requires I recommend the minimum resolution of 1280x1024 to use it on the web. At this resolution with the browser maximised with F11 it is possible to view the entire planner without scrollbars. I will also probably make a executable version of the planner for offline use and offer as a download when i get my site fully up and runing.

To use the planner you add modules using the "+" next to the module name. The module is added to the lower right and you then click it and move it around the racks with the cursor keys. There is no drag and drop mouse control as it was causing problems so for now I have removed it. The cursor movement snaps to 2hp so everything fits perfectly.

You will notice that modules will go underneath others, this is something you will have to live with for now, I dont find it a problem really. I want to put in some kind of collision detection at a later date if I can get my head around it, this will avoid the problem altogether.

To delete a module, just click it and then press "-" next to its name. This will remove it and adjust all the values accordingly.

Everything else on their is pretty self explanatory. There are tooltips to give you quick information if you hover over the module names and quantities.
Also an "i" you can click to go to Doepfer's main page for that module.

Im open to suggestion for further improvements but cannot promise anything. I have a lot of ideas myself like a patch version and a save option but this will be a way off as I want to move the planner into a php/mysql/flash enviroment before i do this, which is still something I'm learning.

All the best
Andy" - via Doepfer Mailing List

The Science of Gangsta Rap

From Chris's Invincible Super-Blog a funny look at the science of Gansta Rap including venn diagrams, flowcharts etc. The comments are pretty funny:

"I notice a critical flaw in Figure 4-A. The figure contradicts Dr. Dre’s (PhD) treatise entitled ‘Bitches ain’t shit’, in it is stated that “Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks”. While you have correctly shown that ‘Bitches’ and ‘Shit’ are two discrete groups (i.e. that “Bitches ain’t shit”), you have incorrectly shown the class of “bitches” as existing partially outside of the groups “tricks” and “hoes”. The correct formulation of the theory would have “bitches” as the intersection of the two classes, with no section outlying. Keep in mind, bitches ain’t shit but hoes AND (not and/or) tricks."

so тхиаго came up with a solution: Fig 4-A is indeed wrong. "I think placing Bitches, Hoes and Tricks outside of Shit is ludacris. The statement is that Bitches ain`t any kind of shit other than hoes and tricks. Shit therefore contains all. The correct diagram would be"

what do you think ?)

$2 DIY Multi-Touch Interface

When you're hard-up for cash, it's always good to get creative. Erling Ellingsen made his own homebrew multi-touch interface from a plastic bag, blue dye, and an iSight camera. It's called the dyeSight. You can follow the link HERE.

There's a nice open source multi-touch project here

I think this is the multi-touch library they used

And this is how they built their table

via boing boing

Sequential Circuits Drumtraks

"sequential circuits drumtraks drum machine" - very nice demo thanks to jakeschrock

The SCI Drumtraks was released in 1984. It uses 8 bit samples and was Sequentials first digital drum machines. You could sync it up to other Roland drum machines like the 808/909 etc.You can download samples from the SCI Drumtraks at Music Machines.

Also you can listen to a short demo of the Drumtraks from LISTEN

Keio Korg Doncamatic DE20

Hello, pics and sounds of my Doncamatic DE20 (i sold the Doncamatic a few years ago, and have only pics and soundsamples of it). The Doncamatic came in a solid Wooden cabinet (72,5x39x24cm weight 17kg.) with build in speaker and amp. The Machine has 20 Rhythms (you can create more Rhythms by pressing more buttons simultaneous). A red velvet dust cover with embroidered Doncamatic logo was also part of the Doncamatic DE-20.

The Rhythms are:
Swing/Foxtrot, Rock1/Rock2, Rock3/Rock4, Ballad/Western, Bossanova1/Bossanova2, Tango/Habanera, Rumba/Beguine, Mambo/ChaCha, Samba/Baion, Waltz1/Waltz2

On the Topside of the Box are two big knobs for Start and Metronome, 10 buttons for the Rhythms (into two Banks) two switches for the Bank selection, two knobs for the variation of the Swing Rhythm, a Tone called knob (mutes the treble of the sound), a big knob for the Tempo (rudimentary scale without numbers!) and a knob for the Volume. A small red Lamp shows the first measure.

On the frontside there are two jacks for Input and Pedal, three switches for cancel of Bassdrum, Snaredrum and Claves.

On the backside there are jacks for Power input (AC 220V) and Ext. Amp.

Hope you enjoy it.
Regards, PlastikOD.

Loads of xoxbox's and a TB-303

"first jam in my new homestudio" - semtxx

Saturday, September 08, 2007

PureJoy + Slide Whistle, Erik Nugent

PureJoy is a flexible vocal expression interface. Think of it as an audio sketchpad for prototyping harmonies, beatboxing, and other short impromptu compositions. PureJoy uses a game joystick as a physical interface to capture and manipulate vocal sounds and other "found" sound, making it a great tool for improvised musique concrète.

Here's a quick clip of it being used with a slide whistle.

"Erik Nugent plays the PureJoy and slide whistle at the same time. At a certain point, it becomes unclear which sounds are coming from the whistle, and which are digitally-recorded samples from the PureJoy. Fantastic! " - davidjmerrill

Friday, September 07, 2007

Tenori-On Demo Video

A SonicState video in which "Nishibori from Yamaha, the producer of the Tenori-On project explains Tenori-On's basic functions and gives an insight into what the instrument is capable of." - from sonicstate.

Gary Kibler over at Create Digital Music has a decent personal review of the Tenori-On... worth a read.

Apogee Duet

Apogee have released a tiny, super sexy 2 channel bus powered firewire soundcard for Mac. It has one button control for all functions i.e. Input 1/2 level and main volume. No review on the quality of the card but given that it's Apogee it's probably pretty good.
You can watch a short demo video HERE and you download the PDF User Guide HERE. It's retailing at $495.

Sumo U Fat B*st*rd

"SUMO is an effect plugin to make any sound as fat as you like.
It's good for fattening up leads and basses, adding some weight to pads, making your vocals chubby and your drums obese."

You can download it for FREE from
via sonic state

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Hella cool!

Hail, Stanford, Hail: Keytar Hero / Guitar Hero

"Funny TV commercial from Stanford University, showcasing the FM synthesizer. See for more like this." - thanks to tyhsu

The Impossibility of DRM explained to Non Geeks

Movie studios believe they can create the perfect copy protection system. But it would be easier to go faster than the speed of light, says Cory Doctorow. In THIS Guardian article he tries to demystify DRM technologies and explain to the Non Geek why DRM will always be impossible to implement effectively.

Moog IIIc / 2VCO unison

"Moog IIIc demo. Two 901B VCOs set to unison. Play example with Mellotron." - thanks to btpro
via Bitexion on this vse thread. Excellent.

Wavemakers Modular website updated

Wavemakers is a relatively obscure make of modular and integrated synthesizers made in the 1970s and early 1980s by Dr. Terry Kincaid. Wavemakers also produced a line of rack effects, a mixer and sequencers. - the website dedicated to the Wavemakers Modular has just been updated.
thanks to
John Loffink on the AH mailing list.

Concrete Crickets

"This project aims to create, by installing small “crickets” in a small area of city space, a multi-directional audio experience. Each device is programmed with a particular voice, with each being part of a larger whole. When night falls, the crickets go active for a few hours, singing out in their particular way. When approached, the crickets fall silent (as would crickets and cicadas in nature). Each are sensitive to what happens to the others, and the end result will be waves of songs, changing and adapting to their surroundings.

Each unit consists of a sound generator, amp, speaker and sensory system, and is housed in camouflage appropriate to the streets of the city — soda cans, cigarette packs, and the like."

Conflux Festival

Cardboard Speakers

More papery goodness HERE

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Morton Subotnick Interview

There's an interview over at with Morton Subotnick. You can read it HERE. Mortons answers are so brief it seems as if the interview took place as the doors were closing at a bus stop. Favourite line "No time to answer that." thanks to Peter Grenader of Plan B

Synth God Documentary

SYNTH GOD is a feature-length documentary film project that explores the world of synthesizers and electronic music. The film has just gone into production. After more than a year's worth of intensive R&D, the makers of the critically acclaimed film MOOG are embarking on a far-reaching search for the gods of electronic music in this new feature-length documentary film project

SYNTH GOD is a search for the influence and power of the synthesizer in our everyday sound environment. The concept is not simply a contest of musicians or keyboardists. The gods of synth can manifest in the minds of artists, inventors, performers, composers and sound designers as well as inside transistors, vacuum tubes, lines of computer code, ringtones and video games.

Comprised of interviews, live concert footage, archive clips, animation, behind-the-scenes tours of small indie workshops and giant synthesizer factories, SYNTH GOD is set to film in the U.S., Japan and Europe under the direction of Hans Fjellestad, whose past films include MOOG (2004).

The Human League - Empire State Human

"The Human League with the fantastic "Empire State Human" from Reproduction.
This is one of my favourite singles by The Human League and like other songs by The League like "Sound Of The Crowd", "Love Action", "Crow And The Baby", "The Things That Dreams Are Made Of", "Don't You Want Me" e.t.c this single really defines their sound..." thanks to Nouveauxromo

I saw this yesterday and i've been going around signing it all day so I thought I'd post it up...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Robots at a cocktail party!

Robots at a cocktail party... I know it sounds like an Iain M Banks story but the robot above is called Robovie R2 and it can understand and respond to 3 conversations simultaneously. Robovie R2 can understand about 70% of what it hears. In the example above it takes 3 separate menu orders, repeats the orders and then tallies up the price.

It uses principles based on the cocktail party effect or theories on how humans can hear conversations in noisy situations like a pub. Firstly Robovie R2 identifies the location of each speaker with a built in microphone. Then it uses filters to attempt to isolate each speaker and so cut down cross-talk. It does this by listening out for the different formants and speech patterns of each speaker rejecting everything else as it tries to zero in on a particular speaker. Once it has isolated a speaker it uses a database of 50 million utterances in Japanese to figure out what's being said.

it won't be long now.... Johnny Cabs are the FUTURE :)

Visit for more info

Slices of Underground Resistance

Underground Resistance feature from free DVD magazine 'Slices'. The interview mostly features Mad Mike talking about music in detroit, a little bit about the history of UR and of course UR's political activism. There's a little bit on the tech used... mostly the drum machines. I didn't know that Juan Atkins donated a TR-909 to the Resistance.

"Underground Resistance
is probably the most militantly political outcropping of modern urban American techno. Combining a grubby, four-track aesthetic, an almost strictly DIY business philosophy, and an oppositional, militaristic ethos similar to Public Enemy without the drama (or the familiarity; the members refuse to be photographed without bandanas obscuring their identities), UR have redirected their portion of the Detroit techno legacy to social activist ends, trading mainstream popularity and financial success for independence and self-determination. Begun in the early '90s by second-wave trinity Jeff Mills, "Mad" Mike Banks, and Robert "Noise" Hood, UR adapted the flavor and kick of early Detroit techno to the complex social, political, and economic circumstances in the wake of Reagan-era accelerated inner-city decline, and was formed as an outlet for uncompromising music geared toward awareness and change.

The early UR catalog is defined by a typically Detroit combination of Motown and Chicago soul, and ruthless, at times caustic lo-fi techno, acid, and electro (Mills' background is in, among other things, Chicago industrial and EBM-style electro-techno, with Banks and Hood both coming from a solid house and techno base). Much of the label's early output was the product of various permutations of Banks, Mills, and Hood, both solo and in combination, before Mills and Hood left UR in 1992 to pursue (and achieve) international success. Banks continued to operate UR in the wake of the split, releasing EPs such as "Return of Acid Rain," "Message to the Majors," and "Galaxy to Galaxy" under the UR banner, as well as 12-inches by increasingly renowned artists such as Drexciya, Suburban Knight and Scan 7. The first actual full-length credited to Underground Resistance was 1998's Interstellar Fugitives. When the UR and Submerge Headquarters moved from 2030 Grand River to 3000 E Grand Blvd., the UR 'family' transformed again by assigning new members such as DJ 3000, S², The Aquanauts, Buzz Goree and most notably the live band Los Hermanos.
Underground Resistance original founding members are Mike Banks, Robert Hood & Jeff Mills." - Discogs

Paper Record Player

Continuing the paper instruments theme.... here's a paper record player!

Cloning Vinyl Records

'Handy' how-to on creating a clone of a vinyl disc. Might be fun...



Monday, September 03, 2007

John Hurt & the EMS Synthi Sequencer 256

A scene from Jerzy Skolimowski's 1979 avant garde film The Shout in which a struggling musician played by John Hurt experiments with sound. Toward the end of the clip you can see him playing around with an EMS Synthi Sequencer 256. - clip thanks to pecospecanpecker

The vOICe Java Applet ♫♫♫

So it's Monday. From now on I am going to try and post a music game on Monday. Some little thing to waste a few minutes in work, a little game to postpone the inevitable drudgery of work. Todays game is called The vOICe Java Applet ♫♫♫.

In there words it's a "Free soundscape synthesizer and sequencer! This fully interactive page allows you to draw your own 64 × 64, 16 grey-tone image and immediately hear the corresponding 64-voice polyphonic visual sound being synthesized on the fly! See and hear how The vOICe mapping works for your input. The 64-channel sound synthesis here maps the image into an exponentially distributed frequency interval for a one second visual sound."

Link to game: The vOICe Java Applet ♫♫♫

Korg VC-10

" Vocoding itself!" - thanks to ZonkOut

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Rootical Soundsystem

Ireland's top reggae soundsystem Rootical plays the Manuta Project Festival August 19-20 2006 in Roscommon, Ireland, featuring the Rootical Soundsystem with guest selecters Ras Muffet from The Mighty Tabot Sound, Russ from The Disciples Sound, and MCs Rungus, Brother Culture, Zuluman, Sister Lexxy and Brother Culture."

- thanks to jahseal

PATRICK GLEESON "La Grange Point Five"

"Track from the rare 1980 album "Rainbow Delta".
On this recording Dr. Patrick "Gleeson plays two Prophet 10 with a custom performance system including E-mu modular and a 16-voice E-mu Blue Box polyphonic synthesizer" - thanks to

I've been interested in Dr. Patrick Gleeson ever since I heard Herbie Hancocks Sextant LP. The Arp 2600 sequence in that sounded so futuristic, the overall sound was so far reaching and much more experimental and interesting than most of the electronic music I was listening to at the time. Patrick Gleeson recorded with Herbie Hancock, Charles Earland, Joe Henderson, Devo, Terry Riley and many others. Probably my favourite apart from Sextant is Joe Hendersons Black Narcissus LP.

Have a listen to an extract from Rain Dance the intro track on Herbie Hancocks 1972 Sextant LP HERE. You really want to hear the intro but this is all I could find. You can also read an interview with Patrick Gleeson from the 1977 January issue of Synapse magaizine HERE.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Techno Pioneers (Pink Floyd)

"Early studio records of the psychedelic track "On The Run" from the Pink Floyd album "Dark Side of the Moon".

This was maybe the first time when analog synthesizer became a part of technoid like music, as we learned to know almost a decade later.

This happened in the year 1972." -

As far as I remember this clip is from Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii.

Wii remote Reubens Tube

Here's how to build a Reubens tube of your very own...with Wii remote control! The 'safety' haiku is particularly good:

Danger! Hot Fire!
Keep space clear of kids and pets
Poor burning Puppies

Have fun!

Via Instructables

Control an iPod with an Arduino

Make your iPod your Arduinos bitch :)

Breadboard Band

Website of The Breadboard Band..."Electronic Improvisational Music Performance with DIY wiring"

Via Makezine

Don Buchla Present the Buchla 400

Arddhu over on THIS VSE thread has posted a 9 minute audio interview with Don Buchla on a newly created myspace page dedicated to the Buchla 400. Plenty of weird sounds and Don waxing lyrical about synthesis.

"Released in 1982, the Buchla 400 came along in a compact case with a simplified panel layout, encased in a solid wood cabinet. Although based on the designs of it's predecessors (the 100 and 200 series modules), gone are the patch cords and confusion of a modular system. As was introduced in the 200-Series as well as the Touche, the Buchla 400 continued the use of a digital computer processor to control the programming of its digital oscillators, analog filters, amplifiers, modulation sources and more with unprecedented control and depth." - read more at Vintage Synths

VEP Project Documentary (1958 Philips Pavilion Reconstruction)

The Poème électronique was an unique experience, originating from the request made by Philips to Le Corbusier to design the company pavilion at the Brussels 1958 World Fair. The whole project was initiated and directed by Le Corbusier, who also selected the images for the audiovisual show. Together with this visual show, there was the organized sound, composed by Edgar Varèse. The stunning surfaces of the building were designed by Iannis Xenakis.

The result was the very first multimedia project to create a complete sound and vision experience using a totally immersive environment. Unfortunately, this visionary synthesis was ahead of its time: the Pavilion, the incredible number of visitors (2 million) notwithstanding, was demolished a few months after its inauguration, at the end of the Exposition.

The Virtual Electronic Poem (VEP) project, co-funded by the European Union through the Culture 2000 programme, realized a virtual reality (VR) environment capable of reproducing the global experience of the Poème électronique through a philologically accurate reconstruction of the original installation and a technologically
innovative VR implementation.

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Popol Vuh "Bettina" Live 1971

Exceptionally cool live performance from Popol Vuh. Popol Vuh were an early 70's Krautrock band. Florian Fricke, founding member, was one of the first musicians to own and use a Moog synthesizer, with which he recorded Popol Vuh's first two albums "Affenstunde" and "In den Gärten Pharaos". He later significantly gave the Moog to fellow German musician Klaus Schulze. The first album Affenstunde, released in 1970, can be regarded as one of the earliest Ambient music, space music New Age music works, featuring the then new sounds of the Moog synthesizer together with ethnic percussion.

Popol Vuhs first two albums have recently been remastered so should be easy enough to get. Also if you check the related videos in YouTube you should first another few live performances.