Friday, November 30, 2007

Waldorf Blofeld is Official

The Blofeld, Waldorfs latest synth, is finally offical with a user page having been uploaded to the Waldorf website.

"For many yearss I trrick and tweek all ziss syntesizing maschinery to produce hyooch aural vibrationss. Bat zey are all not capable to produce a sound so powerfull and fäät like I need for ze big explosionss.

Zey are so big and so many zat I cannot take on the journeys, you know? My very german Waldorf syntesizing scientists heff now developed a new sintesizing maschine viz ze power of many, many maschines inside! It is so strong, I cannot believe. My enemies vill be very surprised, yes! Höh höh." - waldorf

The Blofeld is kind of like and even smaller Micro Q. It has very similar features to the Micro Q but it is a desktop rather than 19" rack unit. It has a very impressive feature set including all Wavetables from Microwave II/XT/XTk Series... tasty. Also it's coming in fairly cheap with Thomann stocking them at €399. Sometime I hate being poor :(

The page is very slow to load but if you give it a bit of time it gets there.

Heres a quick DEMO MP3

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Electronic Music in Classic Films

A great list of video clips from classic films featuring tasty electronic music. Many thanks go to Micke for compiling this list... I will be getting a lot of sampler food from this list. Check out the post for a few more links.

Enjoy :)

The video clips are listed in chronological order:

Movie/Composer/production year

Logan's Run (Jerry Goldsmith, 1976)

Assault on precinct 13 (John Carpenter, 1976)
Killer synth score!

The Sorcerer (Tangerine dream, 1977)

Suspiria (Goblin, 1977)

The Blood Stained Shadow aka Solamente Nero (Goblin, 1977)

Halloween slide show ( featuring John Carpenter's original 1978 theme)

Dawn of the dead aka Zombi (Goblin, 1978)

Midnight Express (Giorgio Moroder, 1978)

Invasion of the body snatchers (Danny Zeitlin, 1978)
Interesting interview with composer Denny Zeitlin:

Phantasm (Fred Myrow, 1979)

The Fog (John Carpenter, 1979)
(the sound effect that's heard when the priest's soul leaves
his body was done by Frank Serafine on a Prophet 5 rev 2).

The Warriors (Barry De Vorzon, 1979)

Star trek: the motion picture - Trailer (1979):
the sound effects heard throughout this trailer were done by Alan Howarth
using a Prophet 5 rev 2 (on four tracks) plus an Arp Avatar.

The Shining (Wendy Carlos, 1978-80)

City Of the living dead (Fabio Frizzi, 1980)

Doctor Who - Meglos soundtrack (Peter Howell & Paddy Kingsland, 1980)

The Boogeyman (Synthe-Sound-Trax, 1980):

Maniac (Jay Chattaway, 1980):

Contamination (Goblin, 1980)

Hell Night (Dan Wyman, 1981)

Escape from New York (John Carpenter & Alan Howarth, 1981) (opening theme)

Inseminoid (John Scott, 1981)

Tenebrae (Claudio Simonetti/Goblin, 1982)

The Thing (Ennio Morricone % John Carpenter, 1982)

Bladerunner (Vangelis, 1982)

Knight Rider (Stu Philips, 1982)

Creepshow (John Harrison, 1982)

1990: The Bronx Warriors (Walter Rizzati, 1982)

Halloween III intro & montage (John Carpenter & Alan Howarth, 1982):

Airwolf (Sylvester Levay, 1983)

Exterminator II (David Spear, 1984)
(this is the only soundtrack that I know of that was entirely done on a DX-7 and a drum machine)

Phenomena aka Creepers (Claudio Simonetti, 1985)

Retribution (Alan Howarth, 1986)

Prince Of Darkness (John Carpenter & Alan Howarth, 1987)

Generative Music Explained

"Can music be alive? Can it follow its own path without man's aid? If you think this ain't possible, then take a look at this episode on Generative Music." Another one from TechStuff... this one on the history and development of generative music. The Techstuff vids are great. Theres another few up there. Make sure to check out the vids on the Italian RAI Phonology studio. There's also an interview with Pansonic who played in Dublin last September and by all accounts were a noisy bunch of electro-acoustic saddists ;)

Link send to me by "noise hacker"

Jürgen Michaelis & Jomox

"Tech Stuff flies to Berlin to have a chat with Jürgen Michaelis, the genius electronic soundsmith who’s responsible for having invented synthesizers and Jomox drum machines."
It's good stuff - shows off the Jomox catalogue to date.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jack Ruby Sound System 1980's

This is a rare picture of Jack Ruby's Sound System taken in 1983. The name Jack Ruby may not be as well known as Bob Marley or Prince Fari but in Jamaica and the UK he is a legend. Last Saturday (Nov 24) a Jack Ruby Memorial scholarship fund was launched to support students from the Marcus Garvey High School and also one highschool from his hometown Ocho Rios.

His Sound System was so large that most of the players in Dub & Reggae played on parts or all of it at one stage. However, he will be best remembered for producing Burning Spears 1973 LP "Marcus Garvey" and its Dub equivalent Garveys Ghost. Below you can find 3 clips of the Sound System in use.... very tasty :)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

"This is from the documentary "Deep Roots Reggae" by Mikey Dread. In this scene you see the Jack Ruby Sound System with MC's and the like. Great Dub Reggae with MC's." - thanks to midimaster

Giant Atari Joystick / 8-bit Therapy

Saw this on Boing Boing and thought it was pretty cool. It's a 15-times-larger-than-life Atari joystick replica by Jason Torchinsky, on display at Felt Club XL. I saw it and I started to imagine using it in a live show... a mix between chiptunes, giant joysticks, some kind of semi erotic 8bit pole dancing and centipede. Well I'd go :)


Orpheus Music: The Electronic Music Time Machine

Orpheus Music is a blog dedicated to early electronic music that has been commercially neglected. It has album covers, reviews, tracklistings and mp3 downloads of the album. It's a very good little blog. The picture above is from an Orpheus Music post on the 1962 LP Music From Mathematics featuring the IBM 7090 computer. On the LP you can find Max Mathews Bicycle Built For Two which famously inspired HAL in 2001 A Space Odyessy.

thanks to
Tim Lee-7 on the Analogue Heaven forum.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reaktor, Autosampler/Resynthesizer

"This reaktor patch uses live mic input to sample and sequence on the fly. This sequence is then recorded by a synced granular resynthesizer to mash up the sample" - thanks to Thomaskoot

1955 RCA Synthesizer MP3 Demonstration

THIS LINK will bring you to a page on the 1955 RCA synthesizer. As part of the development of the RCA synthesizer, RCA issued a box set of four 45 RPM extended-play disks, with a descriptive brochure. The cover is shown above. Following the LINK you can find a little more information on the RCA and listen/download all four tutorial 45's...

Listen to Side One for a taste...

thanks to mdentari

Computer Music (Synthesizers, Synclavier) 1986

Part 1

"Outdated but still interesting. Features news on "new" music making machines, including the Synclavier II. Max Matthews, Ronald Surak and Richard Head discuss sampling. Mason Gross. Rutgers. MIDI. PBS. Innovation"

Part 2

"Stanley Jordan plays guitar and fiddles with the Commodore 64. From 1986." - thanks to cowsill2x2

Monday, November 26, 2007

Reggaeton Snares

Nice article with loads of links musing on reggaetons geographical and cultural spread. Plus snare patterns! ;)

OOPS! Forgot the LINK

Sunday, November 25, 2007

TB-303 Acid Reflux 005

" Welcome to my world...won't you come on in?
Prepare your speakers for a beating.
8 Minutes of Acid madness.
RRKS " - Another one in the series from RRKS69 ... really banging stuff. Check out his YouTube account for more.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The making of x0xb0x

A stop motion animation of the construction of a x0xb0x - the DIY clone of the classic Roland TB-303 Bass Line synthesizer/sequencer, which started the whole acid movement.

The open source x0xb0x is available in kit form from Ladyada
and the movie was made by /mr

Transistorize the world. Order a kit today. Happy soldering! :-)

thanks to emerography for this very cool video.... kind of like the Fantasia of modular synthesis :)

New Cwejman + Livewire Modules

"During the summer, I received a shipment of Livewire and Cwejman modules. This is a timelapse of me assembling/disassembling my modular. The audio is from a patch made shortly after." - thanks to thedeepelement

Friday, November 23, 2007

Masters of the Universe Synthesizer

"Detective "plays" synthesizer and haves a good laugh about it. " - thanks to italojanne

Stoopid :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Digital Africa DJ mix from DJ Spooky

Ghost World: A Story in Sound
by Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid

The "Ghost World" mix is all about the multiple rhythms and languages of Africa, but it makes no attempt to give you everything - it's from my record collection. That's why the "story" of the mix is about: polyrhythm, multiplex reality. There's even more current material like the Kuduru sounds of Luanda (who says Techno doesn't exist in Africa!?) and old school hip hop like Zimbabwe Legit from the early 90's of classic "conscious" school hip hop. Yes there's material from Akon, but he gets mixed with Nelson Mandela, or MC Solaar, but I looked for material of his that combined with jazz, so Ron Carter's brilliant bass playing worked out with that. There's even material from my favorite South African composer, Abdullah Ibrahim or vocal outtakes from David Byrne and Brian Eno's "My Life in The Bush of Ghosts" and various guest appearances by African dictator Idi Amin or the former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo talking about democracy in Nigeria.

It's a very tasty mix... worth the download :)

Link to "Ghost World: A Story in Sound," by DJ Spooky the Subliminal Kid, produced for the Dokolo Foundation at the Venice Biennial 2007.

If you have problems loading the page you can download the mix directly from HERE.

via BoingBoing

Live video of Air in the KCRW Studios

The French band, Air, perform new songs for Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Click here >> to watch the video.
Click here >> to listen to the audio stream.

Nice find thanks to dvdborn

Grizzle N' Colz Live Set

Ok it's a shameless self plug. If you're local to the Dublin area I'll be playing in at The Underground in Kennedys tonight (Thur 22nd) and in Seomra Spraoi tomorrow night (Fri 23rd). It'll be heavy bass pressure from Grizzle N' Colz ... as live as live gets in electronic music.... so if you like dubstep I might see you there :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Teaching Music with Reason available for free download

Teaching Music with Reason was an educational product centered around a special version of Reason Adapted and a 21 lesson curriculum aimed at high-school / college music technology classes. Each lesson came with a prepared lesson script, example material, student booklets and more.

This product was made for Reason 2.5 and has been falling behind lately as we have upgraded the Reason software. Instead of just throwing the product away, we have made the lesson material (which is still perfectly usable with Reason) available as a free download under a Creative Commons license. This means we are releasing this material to the education community and encouraging updating and further developing of this material.

Read more and download the product here!

via seraph on the electro-music forum.

RSF Série 11

Ruben and Serge Fernandez (RSF) come from the French city of Tarbes located in the south-west of France nearby the Pyrénées mountains. In 1972, while they were building small sound devices they became acquainted with a Moog synthesizer and decided to build their own sound synthesizer. In september 1975, they moved to Toulouse to complete their academic studies : Ruben graduated in Computer Science (where he learned the Cobol programming language) and Serge graduated in Electric Engineering. In a first stage they produced custom modules for their musician pals in Toulouse. The Série 11 modulars appeared in 1976.

You can find out more about RSF Synths at the official website. According to the website only 20 Série 11 were made with about 300 modules in total... so very rare.

Omni - Suzanne Ciani

" Suzanne Ciani working on the music and sounds for the Xenon pinball game from the Omni televsion show. hypnotic in places." - thanks to crystalsculpture2

You can find a few more clips of Suzanne Ciani working on music HERE.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Godfather of Irish Electronic Music - Roger Doyle

This an extract from Babel by Roger Doyle. It is part of a large-scale musical structure released on a 5-CD set, making use of many technologies and music languages. Each track corresponds to a room or place within a giant tower city. It took ten years to compose. Roger Doyle worked with 48 collaborators and produced 93 individual pieces of music for Babel.

you can have a listen to a few tracks from the Babel Boxset at:

Roger Doyle is the Godfather of Irish electronic music. He has been producing electronic music since his 1978 album Thalia. His latest album Ninth Set recently won the Magisterium Award at the Bourges International Electro-acoustic Music Competition in France. The prize, which is awarded to composers with at least 25 years of professional experience, highlights works that might become milestones in the history of electro-acoustic music.

This was reposted to youtube with the permission of Roger Doyle. The noise at the end is the result of converting from an .swf to an .avi to an .flv. It still sounds great :)

EDIT: You can listen to a few audio examples at even higher quality at

and Roger has just added a new page with 5 audio examples from The Ninth Set

Incredible Sonovox - Kay Kyser - 1940 film "You'll Find Out"

"Amazing device that gives voice to musical instruments. The Sonovox consists of one or two louspeakers placed on the throat that play the source sound. The performer whispers the words while the speakers stand in for the voice box. Used for the talking train in Disney's Dumbo, uncountable radio promos, a tube-in-the-mouth version "Talk Box" was used by Frampton to make his guitar sing, and all-electronic "Vocoder" versions are still used in current pop music."
- thanks to MisterScott99

Excellent... you can read a bit more about the Sonovox and check out a few audio samples HERE.

Depeche Mode-That Was Then,This Is Now-1988

Part 1


Part 3

Part 4

" Programme about Depeche Mode called 'That Was Then,This Is Now'.Shown in 1988" - chrisf242

Fanboy here on AudioLemon today... all thanks to chrisf242. He has 214 video clips all about electronic bands from the mid 80's to early 90's. Lots of classic TV footage.

808 State vs MC Tunes-Snub TV,1990

"808 State vs MC Tunes.Track is 'Dance Yourself To Death' perfomed on Snub,1990."
A quick one from the early days thanks to chrisf242

808 State,Guy Called Gerald and Sampling-Reportage,1991

" Article on sampling and some people not very happy about it.Featuring 808 State and A Guy Called Gerald." - thanks to chrisf242

The narrator compares the legal wranglings between 808 State and A Guy Called Gerald, when it came to ownership of Pacific State, and the practice of unlicensed sampling. A Guy Called Gerald makes the distinction between the creative use of anothers work in a completely different context and lazy theft.

808 State - Pacific State

Pacific State is one of the great British house tracks and has that Detroit soul jazz vibe that only Gerald Simpson could come up with. Still it's down now as an 808 State track.... and a A Guy Called Gerald gets no credit :(

You can watch a documentary on A Guy Called Gerald HERE.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


ELECTROLIGHT is a new 6-part series on Irish radio station Lyric FM. Roger Doyle, Ireland's most internationally acclaimed electronic composer explores the changing face of electronic music over the last 60 years. Focusing on a decade in each episode, he charts the early landmark pieces of the1950s, moving through to startling 21st century developments.

You can tune in online HERE.

Sunday November 18th, 10pm

Programme 1 - The 1950s

The jolt of electricity in music...the technical revolution that challenged all ideas of what music is. Doyle tells the story of how, for the first time, music was NOT made by hitting things, blowing into things, scraping things or singing. This programme includes Sparky's Magic Piano, a talking piano from 1950, music by Iannis Xenakis from 1958 found by chance in an archive in 2001, and an extract from Karlheinz Stockhausen's Kontakte from 1959, a mind-expanding seminal breakthrough electronic music composition.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Edisons Beatbox

"another diy synth/circuitbent sound device. this has two circuits in one box. one a cheezy drum machine and another organ type circuit tuned in 5ths!" - thanks to SonofCastille

ASMO : Real Guitars Are For Pussies

"Circuit bent toy keytar.
A friend found this in a skip, broken with wires hanging out. I fixed it, made a few modifications and gave it a nice black paint job." - thanks to eddie23a

Beatport SYNC: Free Software DJ Tool

Beatport SYNC is a collaboration between Beatport & Native Instruments. It's a stripped down version of Traktor with an online shop bolted onto the side. It's pretty good for free... offering 2 pitchable decks, auto beatmatching, crossfading, timestretching and the ability to rip and burn to CD. The only real problem, apart from the overt advertising of Beatport, is that it doesn't seem to be able to map MIDI to any of the controls. Still a powerful little tool for messing about with, coming up with mixes etc... I could see this replacing your normal audio player especially if you have no love for Windows Media Player. It works on both MAC 10.4/10.5 and PC XP/Vista.

Download it HERE.

The obvious alternative to Beatport SYNC is MIXXX. MIXXX is completely free, has no advertising or shop and does support the use of MIDI hardware for controlling both decks. It has similar features to SYNC - pitchshifting, BPM meter. It doesn't have an automix function but automixing is for jokers so... no loss. It is also available for MAC OSX, PC XP/Vista and Linux. Check out MIXXX not as pretty but better.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Larry Lessig: How creativity is being strangled by the law

Larry Lessig gets TEDsters to their feet, whooping and whistling, following this elegant presentation of "three stories and an argument." The Net's most adored lawyer brings together John Philip Sousa, celestial copyrights, and the "ASCAP cartel" to build a case for creative freedom. He pins down the key shortcomings of our dusty, pre-digital intellectual property laws, and reveals how bad laws beget bad code. Then, in an homage to cutting-edge artistry, he throws in some of the most hilarious remixes you've ever seen.

About Larry Lessig

Stanford professor Larry Lessig is one of our foremost authorities on copyright issues. In a time when “content” is not confined to a film canister, Lessig has a vision for reconciling creative freedom with marketplace competition.Read full bio »

There is another lecture by Larry Lessig on AudioLemon... check it out HERE.

EMS SynthiA Demo

Part 1 - Patching

Part - External processing

"Demo by Electronic musician David Talento of the EMS SynthiA synthesizer. Hear this instrument on the Music For Isolation Tanks CD - The Feedback Machine available online at:" - thanks to legionhwp

Bob Moog 2002 Video Interview

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Bob Moog Interview 2002. Some lovely pics in there.

thanks to Samboni72

Gerhson Kingsley Bio & A Few Tunes :)

Gerhson Kingsley is an old hand synthesist most famous for composing the early electronic pop instrumental song Popcorn (listen). He led the First Moog Quartet and was the first person to use the Moog synthesizer in live performance. His career as a pop musician took off with the release of The In Sound From Way Out!, which he recorded with Jean-Jacques Perrey. The Perrey-Kingsley duo went on to record Kaleidoscopic Vibrations: Spotlight on the Moog, and subsequently went their separate ways. Kingsley then recorded Music to Moog By, a classic Moog album consisting mainly of cover songs, originally by The Beatles, Beethoven, and Simon and Garfunkel. - youtube thanks to Samboni72

OK a few tracks. It's been up on AudioLemon before but it's a very sweet little track so...

The First Moog Quartet - Bei Mir Bistu Shein - 45rpm

thaks to Frritzz

Gershon Kingsley - Popcorn

thanks to sometest353

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Et Cetera - Raga Lady/Blue Thursday Morning/Sunrise (1971)

" Kozmigroov x 10.... completely wild jazz fusion. Lots of clavinet and EMS VCS3 synth.

Wolfgang Dauner - keys, Sigi Schwab on guitar and tarang, Fred Braceful drums, Roland Wittlich drums and a very young Eberhard Weber on Bass."

thanks to orangefunk

Mythbusters: RUBENS' TUBE (Fire Sound Wave)

Cool little clip demonstrating the Rubens' Tube experiement. "I had not imagined there was such a clear visual representation of a soundwave" - thanks to MarkPisces

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pure Tenori-on Album - Free Download

The first album created entirely on the Tenori-on is available for free download.

Musician, producer and audio conceptualist Norman Fairbanks has always remained at the cutting edge of music production, so when he first heard about Tenori-on back in 2005 he felt compelled to investigate the myriad possibilities of this hybrid instrument.

The result is 7 Days Microsleep, a stunning collection of beautiful down-tempo soundscapes that showcase the depth and complexity that lives within Tenori-on, despite the wholly intuitive interface. Norman reveals exactly what it is about Tenori-on that’s revolutionised his approach to music production.

“I borrowed a Tenori-on since I didn’t manage to get one through the limited UK sales, so I had a two week window with Tenori-on… and I had no plan to make an album. Initially the sound seemed to be more like a sketch, a drawing, very minimal and almost a bit simple. But it’s exactly this simplicity that’s the key.

“I haven’t actually bought any music hardware for 10 years now. I’m completely software-based, simply because nothing in the hardware domain has really attracted me. But then Tenori-On appeared.”

“To be honest it’s hard work programming all the ‘regular’ interfaces that come with a single knob and a few sliders – they simply don’t fit the way I work. But Tenori-on is exactly the opposite. The design is well thought out, making it very straightforward to use – everything is always right at your fingertips. Anyone can start to create complex sound structures immediately, and without any formal music training.”

“I’ve recently put out some music dominated by field recordings and sampling, so I thought it would be a good experience for me to focus on just one instrument as the centre of my production world. With Tenori-on small melodies quickly turn into absorbing musical structures that set a completely new energy level within my music. It’s wonderful – I don’t miss my laptop and all the effects and other tools for even a single second.”

For more information and to download the album for free please visit:

You can get more info at

For a hands on review of the Tenori-On check out Tom Whitwells review on musicthing

via sonicstate

Buchla 259 vs 261e Audio Comparisons

These are 5 each patch comparisons of my Buchla 259 and 261e. Each is a 320mbps mp3 file about 15 - 30 seconds each. No routing through a filter, just a Plan-B Model 13 Multi-timbral Gate, a vactrol based copy of the 292e.

Main Osc - Pure Sine Waves, All Knobs at CCW
259 Sine
261e Sine

Main Osc - Sweeping each of just the Timbre Knobs.
259 Timbre Sweep
261e Timbre Sweep

Main Osc - Sweeping all three parameters of the Main Osc.
259 Tweaking
261e Tweaking

Assigning the Mod Osc to Amplitude and Pitch of Main Osc. The 261e Mod Osc has no Sawtooth so can't slam like the 259 because the 259 has Vactrols in it's internal VCA, like the 292. I used a tight rectangle on the 261e to get close:
259 Amp n Pitch Mod
261e Amp n Pitch Mod

The Modulation Osc at Pitch Levels. For 259, using switch between Saw, Pulse and Tri. 261e has waveshaper between Sine and Rectangle
259 Modulation Osc
261e Modulation Osc

My conclusion. They are definitely the same breed and go into similar sonic territory. The 261 has a more functional modulation Osc but no actual sawtooth. The main osc on the 261 can go many more sonic places but can't make a heavy analog sound like 259's meaty sawtooth. Had I a whole Buchla system I'd do the opposite of what I did and get an Plan-B Model 15 Osc in a little box and patch it in.

Thanks very much to Rewire on the electro-music forum.

Sample Swap Update (312mb of Free Samples)

"Hi folks! Two big updates I'm excited to tell you about:

1) All the uploads from the last few months have finally been edited, trimmed, renamed and organized. This is -- by far -- one of the best updates ever. The loops, especially, are top-quality. Very professional, very unique stuff. Click below to supercharge your creative impulse with 312 MB of brand new (free!) samples -- 928 in all, including 75 drum loops, 96 melodic loops, 11 full drum kits and more:

  • 2) At last! The SampleSwap collection no longer fits on a regular DVD. Starting *today* you can get the new 6.6 GB dual-layer DVD mailed to you -- anywhere in the world -- for a donation of $40. Here's what you get:

- The complete 4.8 GB collection of samples found on the website
- 150 superb original songs by SampleSwap artists (320 kbps MP3s, 5+ hours worth)
- Free shipping anywhere in the world

As always, I really appreciate your help keeping SampleSwap alive. Your donations make it possible to keep this resource running fast, free, and with zero advertisements.

Get your DVD here:

By the way, these are the songs included on the DVD:

Yours in noize,

- canton"

An email I recieved from Sample Swap... remember if you're looking for free samples just click the SAMPLES tag at the end of the post.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Free Plug-In For Tube Saturation

Togu Audio Line have announced TAL-Tube, a VST saturation plug-in that they say has the characteristics of tubes and an additional amplifier mode. Togu tell us that it's very suitable for adding higher harmonics to instruments or drums and for giving more excitement and analog character to digital sounds and drums, while at extreme values it can also be used as a grungy distortion effect.


  • Amplifier mode.
  • Soft and hard mode (2 different tube types).
  • Dry/Wet knob.
  • Gain reduction display.
  • Some presets
  • 4x oversampled processing.
  • Low CPU

Magic Music From The Telharmonium Documentary

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

It was 1906. "Get Music on Tap Like Gas or Water" promised the headlines, and soon the public was enchanted with inventor Thaddeus Cahill's (1867-1934) electrical music by wire.

The Telharmonium was a 200-ton behemoth that created numerous musical timbres and could flood many rooms with sound.

Beginning with the first instrument, constructed in the 1890's, and continuing with the installation of the second instrument at Telharmonic Hall in New York, the rise and fall of commercial service, the attempted comeback of the third Telharmonium, and ending with efforts to find a home for the only surviving instrument in 1951, this documentary provides a definitive account of the first comprehensive music synthesizer.

You can get a full DVD of this documentary:

This clip was reposted from with the permission of Reynold Weidenaar. You can also purchase a high quality download of the documentary from the website.

Digital Dub Siren by Oceanus

"Here is a brand new design.. a Digital Dub Siren, 3 oscillators, arpeggios, noise, sweeps.. watch out for the super long 'Auto Siren' If you want one, the details are at the end of the clip :-)" - thanks to xd515

You can build your own DubSiren or download a free VST DubSiren HERE.

TB 303 clone Analoque Solutions TBX

Below is a quick vid of the TB-X TB-303 clone bassline from Analogue Solutions I put up a pic so as you could get a better look. As far as I can tell the only similarity between this and a real 303 is that it has only 1 0scillator/an 18dB filter (presumably) and is sort of the same shape. That's it. It has no sequencer and doesn't sound even remotely like a 303. It's €566... hmmmm sounds like a lot for a 1 osc synth with neither keyboard nor sequencer. If your interested just get a second hand Novation Bass Station. It has 2 analogue DCO's and also claims to be a 303 clone.. I got mine for €100... anyways the clip...


or get one of these for around the same price... but with a sequencer.

AcidLab Bassline

Both vids thanks to Janoise who obviously loves his acid :)

Computer Music Top 10 virtual synths episode 2

We countdown the best virtual synthesizers in the world, as voted for by Computer Music readers and forum users. Episode 2 features positions 5 to 1. You can see Part 1 HERE.

From: CMSpecial

Friday, November 09, 2007

Steampunk Laptop

I've seen this a few places now so I suppose it's willing me to post it. Yes it's Datamancers Steampunk Laptop. A Hewlett Packard laptop beautifully finished in polished wood and brass, leather wrist rests and claw feet. You need a key to start it and a quill to shut it down :)

Whenever I play out with the laptop I half pity the crowd because they have to look at such a boring stage... well this thing looks like it might hit the spot. If the set is boring they can try and work out what all the cog wheels do :)

You can go to the Datamancer website to more details and see a short movie of the laptop being started with a key.

ARP Avatar / Odyssey Demo by 123synthland

"We deal in vintage synthesizers, but you already know that. :) Here's the ARP Avatar we've currently got up for sale. The Avatar is essentially a keyboard-less version of the ARP Odyssey that was designed to be played by either a guitar or a CV Gate instrument like an old vintage keyboard with 1 volt per octave and gate outputs or an analog sequencer.

These days most people use them with a MIDI to CV converter or a guitar. These are pretty rare. They're often without the guitar pickup or their guitar circuitry isn't working right. This particular one was tested with a guitar, works well and comes with the hard to find guitar pickup as well.

This series of video clips features the Avatar, with occasional help from a few other items we're unloading - a Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Roland SH-101 Blue and Oberheim Mini-Sequencer. All of the sounds are coming from the Avatar in all except 1 video where the SH-101 is patched through the filter together with the Avatar's oscillators. The reverb and delay effects are courtesy of the Roland Space Echo and any sequences you hear come from the Oberheim Mini-Sequencer and/or the SH-101. Several of these videos show just the ARP triggering itself, without a sequencer. Enjoy, and email me anytime at"

There are good few videos. YouTube has changed it's player a bit so the next video will start playing immediately after this one stops

Jomox XBase 999 OS Update

The new XBASE 999 MIDI Sample Editor is out now!!

Wav and Aiff files (44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 / 8 bit, 16bit, 24bit mono/stereo) are automatically converted into the XBASE 999 format and being transferred to the machine by Midi Sysex dump.

You don't need to care about anything: the tool cuts or extends the length automatically and converts the sample
rate and bit length.

It has never been easier to transfer new samples into the percussion section of the XBASE 999.
Check it out! It's awesome.

Sample banks can be stored as standard Midi files for archivating.
A later version of the sample editor will be able to reload them.

Download here:
XBASE999 Sample Editor

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

High Pressure Sound System

Its been a while since I put up a post about a Sound System. This is called the High Pressure Sound System. Video of the High pressure sound system being stacked up in Manchester Phoenix club. Dubplate mixed and produced by Phil High Pressure. This video is part of a visual/AV set by Vital Visuals.

A bit more info on the rig from their website.

" The living-breathing heart of HighPressure is the sound system.

We suffer from the eternal problem of being skint, so to get the sound system we wanted, we had the build it! All the boxes have been built by us. The complicated process of the initial designs for the mighty high-pressure bass horns was done solely for our sound by Martin Goedeke of S.Africa (cheers Martin!) with the rest of the design and all the construction for these prototypes was done by us. The sound system is crossed over into 4 frequency bands to maintain sound quality even at high power levels.

For bass we are currently using 4 Z-folded horns loaded with Precision Devices drivers (this will be 6 horns by the middle of summer'05) and we put 4000W into these.

The 1000W lower mid range is provided by four Fane drivers in ported reflex boxes, two 15" and two 12". The upper mid-range is given by four high-quality PHL audio 6.5" drivers in sealed boxes and a passive crossover splits the treble from the upper mid and sends it to two high power P.Audio compression drivers on cast iron horns.

We use an ultradrive loud speaker management system to cross-over, limit and EQ the rig which provides a crisp and clear sound.

With a nine foot high stack and over 6000W in our amp rack, this system can power many a dance, and it's still growing!!"

Find out more on the High Pressure Sound Website.

Moog Little Phatty and Jordan Rudess

Part 8 - Oscillator Sync

Part 7 - Glide

Jordan Rudess giving another few demos of the Moog Little Phatty... the more I see that synth the more I want it. This is part 7 & 8 you can catch the rest of the demos HERE.

Oberheim OB-8

"Just a quick video of me messing about on my Oberheim OB-8. Please excuse the rubbish playing (and noisy keys) but hopefully this will give you an idea of the sounds you can coax out of this beast." - thanks to staticforce31

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sweet Jesus! Get 35 Free Effects For Ableton Live!

We are pleased to announce the first in our line of Artist Signature Series Micropaks. Puremagnetik has teamed up with Australian producer Neon Stereo to create 35 expertly crafted audio effect racks for Ableton Live.

Better known to the Ableton Live community as 'sweetjesus', for the last 3 years he has been an internal tester for Ableton, an active member of the community and regarded as one of the foremost experts when it comes to Ableton Live.

"Individually the racks work great in the studio and their functionality has been streamlined for live usage by taking advantage of Ableton Live racks. Together they combine as a modular sound design unit, with each rack becoming like a 'node' which you fine-tune using the Macro controls of the racks they are in.

During my day to day music production work, there's certain methods and techniques I always rely upon to radically transform the sound very quickly. The 35 racks incorporate many of my effects methodologies and also some of them have let me push myself and Live's effects to the next level." - Neon Stereo

via synthtopia

DELFY SSVC-1 - FX Mangler

"This is a DELFY SSVC-1. It is an FX unit/squarewave synth. It is capable of mangling any sound you put through it. You can put the squarewave synth section through the FX section with a jack lead as shown. This video shows a mic being put therough the SSVC-1, then the SS-1 section being put through the FX section, and finally it all being put through an external FX pedal!For more info got to" - thanks to robodelfy

sent my way thanks to 'noise hacker'

Telharmonium Documentary

Magic Music has a documentary on the Telharmonium. It's broken into three 10 min quicktime movies.

You can watch PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3

The Telharmonium designed by Thadeus Cahill in 1897 was the first electronic synth. It was a huge thing. It weighed 200 tonnes and was 60ft long. The funny thing is it was marketed as being mobile. You could put it on 36 train carriages and move it from city to city :)

It was a very forward thinking instrument that transmitted its electronically generated tones over phone lines. The hope was to set up a subscription service. A kind of steampunk version of i-tunes. Also amazingly enough it incorporated a microtonal keyboard that had 36 notes per octave as opposed to the normal 12. It was such a marvel they even give it it's own hall the "Telharmonic Hall" on 39th Street and Broadway New York City.

Of course like all radical inventions it had problems. Firstly it predated amplifiers by about 20 years. Secondly the phone lines weren't really cut out for it and suffered pretty bad crosstalk. So people having a chat could hear the Telharmonium playing away. Lastly the power needed to run such a massive synth was such that it was verging on being a very unsafe place to work. It's always good to see yesterdays future :)

sent my way thanks to "noise hacker"

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Microcon 2 Analog Synth

This is Technosaurus Microcon 2 one of the worlds smallest analogue synths. You don't see too many youtube vids of the Microcon so it's good to see one. Big sounds from a synth that's smaller than my lunchbox :)

"filter is a bit dusty" - thanks to villagranit

A Serge We Can Support...

"Here's Graham last weekend in Atlanta, warming up the Serge Modular before a TLASILA recording session at Blossoming Noise HQ.

The brief video below details Mr. Moore's labors.



thanks to TLASILA blog (To Live And Shave In LA is a collective of experimental musicians)


" video of a polymoog with a great soundtrack" - thanks to splatpanic

It's so pretty... but not always ;)

Free Samples Time Again :)

Everybody needs samples... the more the better. I might have 2 gigs of kick drum hits but it never feels like enough :) So I thought I'd post a few more places you can find free samples, hits and loops.

First up is soundsnap a relatively new comer to the world of free samples. All their samples are arranged into neat categories and go outside the normal music sample to include things like animals, nature, soundart, human, industrial and interior. Also at the bottom of the page there is a tag cloud which shows the most searched for samples. These include things like Techno, Bass and IDM.

Whilst soundsnap is relatively new Loopasonic started in 1998 is most definately not. Loopasonic is a Free Audio Resource for everyone from electronic and acoustic musicians to film and video producers and multi media designers. The site is packed with free loops and samples, sound & audio files and useful links.

The last is SampleNet. More free samples all categorised into bpm's and sound types. According to them "SampleNet is the world's first free sample search engine. There are thousands of CD-quality samples here for you to search and download."

Thousands of free samples there.... If thats not enough you can SEARCH PREVIOUS POSTS for free samples.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Peter Suende - Pirate Bay Interview

An interview with Peter Suende from the largest European Bittorrent tracker The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay, as you may know, is a major thorn in the RIAAs and MPAAs side. The problem is the dogged determinism of Pirate Bay team. They are willing to house their servers globally, no-one actually owns Pirate Bay and they are backed by a fairly strong ethical wing fighting for "Freedom Of Information."There was an organised raid on the Pirate Bay in May 31 2006 but as file sharing is not illegal in Sweden. Pirate Bay came back about 3 days later and the raid was so well reported it only served to attract more downloaders to Pirate Bay. According to Peter Suende these companies have even stopped sending Cease and Desist letters.

In the interview he talks about the possibility of Pirate Bay developing their own file sharing format. The Bittorrent file format is proprietary and recently the code, which used to be open source, was closed. As a result Pirate Bay are talking about developing their own file format labelled .p2p which would be Open Source, would hopefully stop bittorrent spamming by companies like the very suspect Media Defender and would be designed in such as way as to make it much harder for the RIAA/MPAA and other agencies to tracks the files to specific computers or at the very least include some kind of deniablility. Should be interesting.

Link to new .p2p protocol design discussion.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

AvrX synthesizer

" Messing around with my AvrX DIY synthesizer. Have a look at

Just a simple sequence played repeatedly while I tweak the wavetables, waveshapers, filters and modulation sequencers."

AvrX has been developed by Johan Severinsson and Jonas Karlsson in Linköping, Sweden, with a little help from our friends. The AvrX Waveshaping Wavetable Synthesizer is a DIY project. The code is Open Source and most of the components are standard. Avrx will sell bare PCB boards to make things a little easier.

The AvrX is a good looking synth, wavetables, waveshapping, 2 8 step sequencers and 2 analogue filters.... plenty of fun :)

How-To: Introduction to soldering

Everybody has to start somewhere and the people over at HackADay realise this and having posting a short introduction to soldering. "I wanted to build a good knowledge base to help you hack your own stuff. I know that soldering won't be new to many of our readers, but everyone has to start sometime. Our hope is simple: that this new series of How-To's will help inspire new and experienced hackers alike."

Done the bottom of the page they link out to two sources of introduction videos... one from NASA and the other from