Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ed Devanes Instrument

Irish electro producer (and apparently experimental luthier) has some pix up of his home made instrument....apparently called "Ed Devanes Home Made Instrument" (got to think of a catchy/corny name or ya'll never make it to NIME!)

He describes it as "a baritone (30.5 inch/ 774 mm scale length), tabletop, flat-wound-stringed, fretless, 3 humbucker pick-up'd, in line headstocked instrument with an adjustable tailpiece for quick tuning changes"
If that sounds like your kinda thing there's:
More Pix
and his site.


J_hash said...

Hello friend, you have to forgive because the translation has made Google.

Unfortunately, I have to tell you but that instrument is called "Stick Guitar" or "Stick".

Ah, I must leave the address of my site:


AudioLemon said...
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