Monday, March 10, 2008

Eircom taken to court over illegal music downloads

4 major record companies are taking Eircom to court in order to force them to take steps against illegal music downloads. This is the first case in Ireland taken against an ISP rather than individual downloaders. The companies involved are EMI records, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Universal Music Limited and Warner Music.

Ireland already has fairly draconian laws, whereby ISP's were forced by courts to hand over information about individual internet users, even though the methods used by record companies to find these people has been deemed illegal in other countries. Apparently that wasn't enough so now they are trying to force a once national company to do their dirty work.

I've heard the argument from the other side. Ads like the one above really irritate the music companies. The arguments goes "If you guys are using our product to sell your services then you should have the decency to protect our product from illegal consumption." That's all fine and good but until the music companies can come up with a mutually beneficial deal I can't see why Eircom should change it's policies. If only these companies could have tried to work out a way for music downloads to be paid through ISP subscriptions. They seem to be able to work very well together when it comes to litigation but when it come to problem solving..... ah well the saga continues.

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