Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MFB Kraftwerg Semi Modular

Sweet... an affordable semi-modular. At €580 it's gotta be the cheapest analogue semi-modular about. It's a powerful little thing as well... 3 oscillators, A 24dB LPF, Noise, Ring Mod, 2 envelopes and 2 LFO's and a very respectable 37 patch points... like I said €580 for a fully analogue 3 osc semi-modular - SWEET :)

It's a patchable version of the Synth 11 but with all that goodness there has to be a down side and of course there is. The Kraftwerg (bit cheesy no?) loses MIDI and memory. A great lose to some. To me patchability is more fun that scrolling though memory presets but for those playing live memory is obviously handy.

You can read more at MFB's website. No YouTube's yet but I'll be on the look out.


Colz said...

ah there she is....good stuff

AudioLemon said...

Yep... nice looking little thing. I emailed MFB asking for video demos... they said soon.

THC1138 said...

Just to clarify, original author means to say it loses MIDI CC control. It does have onboard midi-cv converter. Just for posterity.