Thursday, May 22, 2008

TOKTEK life at Steim

You might have read on MusicThing that STEIM is in danger of closing. "Things are not well at STEIM. We are in the danger of losing our structural funding from the government, based on a review from the advisor board which called us 'closed and only appealing to a niche audience'. The outlook isn't exactly bleak, but at the moment our future is unclear." There is an online pertition asking you to show your support for STEIM. All you have to do is click here and file out an email form showing your support.

Well I hadn't heard much about STEIM so I went looking. Yep there are a few youtube clips but I liked this one by TOKTEK a lot... scratching, live sampling, laptops, joysticks, sequencers, the occasional old school phone sample... what's not to like :) - thanks to tschuuuly for posting it.


Anonymous said...

he is a right lad!

sweet stuff....


AudioLemon said...

Sure can work a joystick... a wasted yuff no doubt ;)