Saturday, October 04, 2008

Drexciya Interview - 27 mins

"Drexciya - Rare Interview with Liz Copeland (May 2002)

A truly inspiring interview from an individual 100% dedicated to their artform.

James Stinson died in Sept 2002, only a matter of months after this interview, aged just 32.
I didn't want this interview to fall under the radar of old and new Drexciya fans.

Unofficial video." thanks to
Lardossan for posting this.

Just in case you've not heard of Drexciya I made a little YouTube player. It starts with Hydro Theory one of my favourite Drexciya tracks.


Jess said...

isn't it funny how you never realize the full scope of artists on a mix cd. Looking back at Henrik Schwarz it all makes sense now... thanks for the insight. Truly a mystic human being.

Anonymous said...


amazing music full stop.