Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Touchscreen Drum Machine Up Close

A little pic of the touchscreen. The next plan is to get a few arcade buttons connect them up to an arduino or a Doepfer Pocket Electronic kit and have buttons that I can use to access different pages. I'm hoping to make a kind of live touchbox with sequencers, drum machines, effects, modulators, various control sources (joystick, wii, camera etc). That'll be a while coming though :)

I made a little video showing how the touchscreen was housed and how I used Max. The Max patch is very simple and really uses Eric Lyons object in a very simple way. For all the links check out yesterdays post. The audio is very distorted in the youtube vid but you get the idea.


richard said...

how can i contact you Sir?

AudioLemon said...

Hi Richard,

You can contact me by clicking on the Feed My Weird Things link or the AudioLemon link on the top left of the page.

katty said...

I love the drum, i think this instrument is very notable, i usually feel too much energy when i listen or i touch a drum although be a short time. Is absolutely wonderful.

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