Wednesday, November 05, 2008

BabyBotte DIY Fraktal/CellularAutomata Synth

This is a nice one from synth-diy blog. A very cute housing of Catweazles Fraktal/CellularAutomata Synth. You can find more info about the project on this electro-music post. It had been housed in a cardboard shoebox (which I like) but he has since re-housed it in a plastic container from Ikea. I guess the shoebox just didn't work out.

Go to Synth-DIY blog for more pics, schematics, and a few mp3's. The thing is 8 bit and can sound animal enough. Running it through a full range PA would definitely annoy the neighbours :)

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Anonymous said...

this is a deadly little yoke. real easy to stick together and mad bang for buck in terms of the 8 bit squelch you get out of it. definitely a good beginner project...