Monday, November 17, 2008

Buchla Uncertainty

"i did this when i first got the 200e. The stages of the 250e are being selected by the random The The stages of the 250e are being selected by voltages from the 266e. The tip of the sonic iceberg that is the 200e and the lovely uncertainty that Don so thoughtfully provided us! The old SFTMC 100 is helping" - hyperguy61

I've been trying to mess about with randomness on the old modular. It's easier and more difficult than you think. When I first started looking into randomness it was all the same - just random shizz happening. Now though I know there are a countless ways for something to be random. Anyways the clip above is the kind of random that sounds like a bag of hammers falling down a stairs. If you're into that more power to you ;)


DeFeKT said...

holy shit hats unreal!!!

fuckin hell....


AudioLemon said...

It's a lovely piece of kit Maff. I'm thinking of getting some of the Doepfer modules that do the same kind of thing - A-149-1 and A-149-2 and a dual S&H... then none of us well know what we're doing.