Monday, March 31, 2008

Echo Nest-Musical Brain

The Echo Nest are a company who've developed artificial 'Musical Brain' that automatically reads about music online, listens to music and extracts its salient features (beat, swing etc) as well as reads about musical trends. This is intended as a plug-in type component of other music and media software.
So far it seems its main use has been in This Is My Jam, a page that lets you drag online sources of music together and creates a beatmix of similar tempo tracks, then lets you save and publish these Jams.

Jams in the comments people!

Free - de la Mancha - machin

It's another free VST from the good people at de la Mancha. This time it's a probability based random effects generator.... yep sounds good to me :) Below is a basic description but you can go to their website to get more detailed info. You can click on the image for a better look. Synthedit really is looking a lot better these days.

"machin is a random, probability-based, step-sequenced multi-fx device created in partnership with sink
- the step sequencer defines the probability that any single random effect will be triggered on that step
- the weighting defines the probability for each effect that it will be the one that is triggered

- 6 effects (gate, crusher, filter, flanger, delay, reverb)
- 2-32 step probability sequencer over a cycle of 2-32 beats
- seeded randomisation with loop repeat over cycle of 2-100 beats
- swing control for step sequencer
- any effects can be turned off to save CPU
- each effect has an attack/decay on triggering and pulse length to determine duration effect is on
- master wet/dry mix control
- all controls have MIDI learn

Download zip file (1.8 MB) "

Sunday, March 30, 2008

30 Segre Modular Improvs

"Hi all.

I put up 30 improvs with my 6-panel STS Serge from the last 6 months. They
range from harsh noise to drone with some Kompakt-style (the Cologne-based
label) techno mixed in. They're all recorded straight to mono or stereo --
no overdubs -- because that's how I like to do it.

These pieces represent a snapshot or journal of my experience of getting to
grips with the Serge as the centerpiece of my studio and exploring my
musical sensibilities. This page is a work in progress and I'll continue to
update it or others like it, regularly. Some people have expressed interest
in getting tracks in uncompressed format so I put a little note up about

Thanks for listening and I hope you find something you like. I know I've
enjoyed hearing a lot of the list members' musings and just want to
contribute something of my own.

Matt " - thanks very much to Matt.... weird sounds are always appreciated :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Modules from Cwejman

Cwejman have introduced a load of new modules. The pic above is of the QVC-4 (Quad Vector Control) or 4 way joystick in normal speak. They also have a 4 channel delay module, a stereo flanger and a 4 band crossover EQ. That bring the Cwejman module count up to an impressive 27 modules. Can't wait for the demos :)

Odo Synths - 38911 Bytes (Free C64 VST)

It you have a fetish for the commodore sound then ODO Synths new 38911 Bytes might be just the thing. It has 1 oscillator, 3 sequencers, 3 envelopes, 3 filter types, 2 LFO's with 19 waveshapes and few special treats like a ring modulator and a bit crusher.

You can have a listen to a demo

Vinyl Mastering with George Peckham

"Interview with the legendary George Peckham at Porky's Mastering in 2001 by Nico of No U Turn Records." - hamstermanvideo via The Mull

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Some of you may be familiar with aka Limor and her x0xb0x 303 clone (one of the nicer TB clones out there...lovingly hand-picked parts, open source build-your-own philosophy). Go have a look, there's lots of good stuff there.
But what you see above is her BoArduino clone of the Arduino microcontroller/sensor development kit, redesigned to fit easily onto a standard solderless breadboard. Nice n easy for y'all...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

1.3GB of Free Bass Samples :)

It's free samples time on AudioLemon. This time it's a whopping 1.3GB of free electronic bass samples from the kind folks at SONART. The sample pack comes in multiple sampler formats so you should be good no matter what format you're using.

"BASS BOX - latest massive package Synth Bass tools for electronic musicians! The latest material was created for such styles as Electro, trance styles, DnB, House, Electro, Hip Hop, Jump, hardcore, breakbeat and more!!! The disc contains 640 new patches in 5 different formats (EXS24, Kontakt 2.1, Kontakt, Halion and Wav). BASS BOX creates sounds based on more than 1000 wave forms (1.3 GB / 24-bit quality).

While working on the tools we have used a large number of synthesizers and Bass boxes (Minimoog™, Roland Juno 60™, Roland TB-303™, Virus™, Arp Odyssey™, Moog Voyager™ and many others!)

Features in Detail:* Massive 1.3 gig 24-bit core wav library * 640 new patches * 5 different formats (EXS24, Kontakt 2.1, Kontakt, Halion and Wav)* All NEW Sounds developed by SONART sound designers.* Hundreds of brand new Basses.* Fully programmable * Sounds legendary synthesizer (Minimoog™, Roland Juno 60™, Roland TB-303™, Virus™, Arp Odyssey™, Moog Voyager™ and many others!)Formats: 1.3GB DVD multipack (1600+ files), includes 24-Bit Wavs (1.3Gb+MB, 1000+ files), EXS24, Kontakt 2.1, Kontakt and Halion patches (640+ files)."

Sweet - via livepa

Cubase SX Complete - Free 350 Page PDF Book

AuxBuss have just released their Cubase SX complete book (originally €32) as a freely downloadable 350-page PDF book. The pitcures and examples relate to Cubase SX1 although I wouldn't worry if you have a later version as there are massive similarities in Cubase from SX1 to SX3 and even on to Cubase 4 and Neundo. The book has 23 chapters in all and covers everything from recording to syncronization.
Get the book HERE.

Moldover's Approach to Controllerism

Part 1

Part 2

You might remember Moldover from THIS POST on the Octomasher one of his previous excursions into Controllerism. Controllerism is an extension of DJ tchniques to include laptops and specialised or custom controllers to make electronic music live. Moldover goes through his set, how it's set-up, how he uses his controller, how he uses effects, software he's using. A lot of it is fairly simple (but not nessecarily common sense) and most important pragmatic, keeping the KISS principle in sharp focus.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Delia Derbyshire - Love Without Sound (1969)

I found this heard this track for the first time yesterday and I must have listened to it about 20/30 times already. It's from the 1969 The White Noise - Electric Storm LP. To me it sounds 30 years ahead of it's time. I made a fairly rudimentary video for it. I hope you like it.

Delia Derbyshire is well known for her work with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and her help in creating the Dr.Who theme. Of all the BBC Radiophonic musicians I've heard I always found Delia's music to be more aesthetically mature than that of the others. While many were content to create mathematically structured enharmonic noise she looked for the ghost in the machine, creating haunting, off kilter and often sexually charged music.

If you want to read more:

Reel To Reel Beatmatching

Just to show a little of Delia at work. This clip is from the BBC documentary on the Radiophonic Workshop "Alchemists Of Sound."

That is severly cool... A 4 deck mix on Reel-to-Reel :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Future Audio Workshop - Circle

Saw this on Sonic State and had to post it. There probably aren't too many audio software developers in Ireland so it's a nice surprise to see one at MESSE.

"Future Audio Workshop is a pan european collective of engineers, programmers and designers, with the main office based near the Connemara region of Ireland. Formed in 2007, FAW's main aim is to create and develop exciting new audio software for the international community of musicians, sound designers and live performance artists."

The synth itself is a subtractive synth with wavetable and standard oscillators (ala NI Massive). The aim of the company is to bring ease of use, fun and tweakability back into play on DAW based synths. The video above shows Dublin based Gavin Burke giving a very good demo of the synth.

Read more on Sonic State or go the Future Audio Workshop website.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MFB Kraftwerg Semi Modular

Sweet... an affordable semi-modular. At €580 it's gotta be the cheapest analogue semi-modular about. It's a powerful little thing as well... 3 oscillators, A 24dB LPF, Noise, Ring Mod, 2 envelopes and 2 LFO's and a very respectable 37 patch points... like I said €580 for a fully analogue 3 osc semi-modular - SWEET :)

It's a patchable version of the Synth 11 but with all that goodness there has to be a down side and of course there is. The Kraftwerg (bit cheesy no?) loses MIDI and memory. A great lose to some. To me patchability is more fun that scrolling though memory presets but for those playing live memory is obviously handy.

You can read more at MFB's website. No YouTube's yet but I'll be on the look out.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Eircom taken to court over illegal music downloads

4 major record companies are taking Eircom to court in order to force them to take steps against illegal music downloads. This is the first case in Ireland taken against an ISP rather than individual downloaders. The companies involved are EMI records, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Universal Music Limited and Warner Music.

Ireland already has fairly draconian laws, whereby ISP's were forced by courts to hand over information about individual internet users, even though the methods used by record companies to find these people has been deemed illegal in other countries. Apparently that wasn't enough so now they are trying to force a once national company to do their dirty work.

I've heard the argument from the other side. Ads like the one above really irritate the music companies. The arguments goes "If you guys are using our product to sell your services then you should have the decency to protect our product from illegal consumption." That's all fine and good but until the music companies can come up with a mutually beneficial deal I can't see why Eircom should change it's policies. If only these companies could have tried to work out a way for music downloads to be paid through ISP subscriptions. They seem to be able to work very well together when it comes to litigation but when it come to problem solving..... ah well the saga continues.


8 Furbys rewired n bent to create what can only be described as a Furby-Gurdy. Definitely one of the weirdest bends I've seen

Thursday, March 06, 2008

In the studio with Soulwax

Soulwax talk in their studio about why they use vintage synths, vintage mixing desks and modern DAWS to record. The short answer to that question should always be "because we can!" but the piece lasts about 10 mins so it'd be a short clip. Annoying teen presenters aside it's a decent chat with 2 remixers on top of their games. I fully appreciate what one of them says about using presets in synths... although when you're never more that an arms length away from a Synthi AKS and an Arp 2600 the idea of presets becomes even more ridiculous.

via laughordeath

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Speech Synthesis (1984) From the Computer Chronicles TV show. - thanks to ckmogo

SKnote Grainz - Free VST Granualar Synth

Whilst I was posting the last youtube clip of the monome I started looking around for a free VST granular synth... there's a few but not as many as you'd think. An oldie but a goodie is Grainz from SKnote. You can click the image to get a better look. You can have a listen to demo HERE.
Grainz will bend, twist and generally fubar your audio beyond all recognition in a handy VST format.

A more rhythmic option is Minerva from Tweakbench. Probably the most capable granular synth I've ever used is the shareware Crusher X Live. I really enjoy the morph function, it can sound fantastic morphing from one patch to another. I never had a chance to use the multiple speaker outs to get the true vapour/cloud synthesis effect but that is going to change. In a few weeks I'll have use of a lovely 5.1 monitoring set-up and Crusher X is going to be put through it's paces :)

Monome controlled multigrain granular synthesis in Chuck

"A patch I made in Chuck using the monome to control granular synthesis parameters. Two sound buffers can be controller and how ever many grain instances can be added until your computer craps out.

The monome controls grain position in the sound buffer, randomness of position, grain length, pitch, randomness of pitch, and volume.

The sound files im using are the amen break and a vocal sample.

For more info:" - thanks to

You can have a listen to a better quality version of the graaaaaaiiinzzzzzish @

Prophei & The 808

polivoks / tr-808 micro jam


prophei - tr-808 - xtreme filter - dual cyclotron

prophei - tr-808 being spanked by my 188-2 bbd delay

I just collected all Prophei's 808 vids into one place... 808's and modular synths it doesn't get much better :)

Pro Remote 0.01 - Control ProTools from an iPhone

OK so everyone and their granny has seen the ProRemote... well I didn't and it's very cool. A fully functional Pro Tools remote with 8 touch sensitive faders and transport control? It runs over WiFi or EDGE network so you could theoretically control your Pro Tools rig from anywhere in the world with internet or cell service.... or at least send control from the live room into the control room.

"Here is a little movie of ProRemote in action connected to a ProTools LE rig. The developer (Alex le Lievre) did this one a bit closer up for folks who thought his previous video was a fake. I did not write this software, I found it on the internet and posted it to share. This is where I got it:

Just to clarify, ProTools is NOT running on the iPhone, the iPhone is running a "skin" of sorts to allow you to control your rig via WiFi from your iPhone.

Check out my preview of this software as well as other new iPhone stuff on my blog at" - thanks to

TB-303 Acid Reflux #007

"Here it is...Acid Reflux is back with a vengeance. Shouts to Suicide Server and a big welcome back to HouseMasterz - the best channel on YouTube! The Voyager's cutoff pot took a beating on this track...I am thinking about using this track on my first EP so leave some comments and don't candy coat them. PEACE & CHEERS,
RRKS" - another killer acid trak from

Roland TR-606 & 707 from RetroSound

Roland TR-606 "Drumatix" Analogue Drum Machine

Roland TR-707 Rhythm Composer

2 vintage drum machines demos thanks to

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Robert Henke Workshop

"This is a video of Robert Henke giving a workshop in Christchurch New Zealand. Topics covered include

Ableton Live Monodeck 2 in depth ... all »
Ableton / Cycling 74 Partnership
Surround Sound in Ableton
Explanation of the Monolake Live Setup

Video filmed by Tom Cosm ( ). Please visit my website for more videos on Ableton Live." - thanks to Tom Cosm