Friday, January 16, 2009

MOTU Volta-CV out via AudioInterface

So plenty of tasty looking stuff coming out of NAMM...this one caught my eye (via Bleepology):
MOTU have announced a piece of software that allows you to send CV out via a compatible audio interface with DC coupled outputs (e.g. MOTU Traveller 3, RME) for control of analogue synthesisers and modular systems. There's been a bit of info online as to how to hack something like this together yourself but they seemed to have a high attrition rate on the audio interface (shorting capacitors etc.) so it's nice to see official support.

More at Bleepology


AudioLemon said...

You were quick 2Bit. I was just about to post the same one with the same picture. I have a little Ultralite so it's good to see that one used. This really looks fantastic. I've think everybody with a modular has been waiting 16bit control resolution from a PC for quite a while.

2 things - so far Mac only it's a AU plugin :(

Does this mean I sell my Kenton Pro Solo now?

Do I really need this software or is this just MOTU acknowledging that yes their cards can be used for CV and I could build my own interface in MAX/MSP?

what do think 2Bit???

2BiT said...

ha...well you pipped me to the Max/Ableton one :D

I'd be inclined to think that ya could cobble your own interface/driver patch together in Max...if ya follow the Muffwiggler link he seems to have been fairly successful with it..

Anonymous said...

this looks cool:

2BiT said...

Thanks for that Anonymous! Especially as it links to this:

a fellow PhDer from SARC! :D