Monday, January 19, 2009

Ramadanman & Hessle Audio Mix

I don't post DJ mixes too often but this one has been on constant rotation for the last week so I thought I'd post it up. It's a label promo for Hessle Audio mixed by Ramadanman. I was a little worried that Dubstep was going the way of Drum&Bass after Bad Company. A slow descent into the funkless square beats of dance floor heavy metal. I like ruff n' stoopid tracks as much as the next guy but I love a little sunshine in the mix or what's the point. So I asked Colz from Smokeless Fuels for a few DJ's to check out. He suggested Ben UFO and Ramadanman. Ben UFO, while being a talented diverse DJ, was a little too housey overall and not enough electronic space funk for me. The Ramadanman Hessle Audio promo is killer. Lovely beats, plenty of space, dark, sunshine and all in between. You can read all about the label and Ramadanman HERE.

Download: Ramadanman - Hessle Audio mix for RA(right click + save target as)
Filesize: 79MB Length: 57:26

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cólz said...

Track 16 Joe - Rut [Forthcoming Hessle Audio]

good lord!