Monday, February 16, 2009

Demo Room In ScheindersBuero

I was over in Berlin last week and called into SchneidersBuero. You can click on the picture to get a better view of the demo room. There are lots of toys but I didn't photograph them all. Highlights on the list were the Wretch Machine and the genoQs Octopus. When I was there I picked up my second Eurorack Modular.

The first modular I have is a fairly well spec'd 3 osc synth so i want the second one to be an audio and CV processor. I got the Livewire Frequensteiner, the Doepfer A-189 Bit Cruncher, the TipTop Audio MultiFX and an A-119 Ext In:Envelope Follower. So far it's sweet. Adds another dimension. The plan is to build a live modular set-up with the MPC for notes and drums, some touchscreen Max/Msp patches for sample mangling/MIDI-CV control, a joystick and my Motu Ultralite sending CV to the modulars. It'll take a while but I'll post the progress.

I made a little demo of the Frequensteiner. It's not really a demo,  it's more the very first thing I did with it. A simple saw tooth coming from the A-111 going to the Frequensteiner and then to the TipTop reverb for a little touch of reverb.... can't wait to try it over a good P.A. 


2BiT said...

Happy new filter! :D

Anonymous said...

my god that filter is mean..jesus!!

that opens up a new world again

jesus christ!!!


AudioLemon said...

She's a screamer alright. I'll post a little clip tomorrow with the rez full up. It's cool how unstable it is full up... it kind of screams and gurgles and bounces around all by itself.

P-Hocto said...

That filter is sick, sick, sick. I can't wait to have one!

AudioLemon said...

Alright Peader... I'll bring in the filter one of the days. It is lovely but I have 3 filters now and I don't think any filter is better than any other fikter I think they're all cool in there own way.