Monday, February 09, 2009

A Tour of Andy Whitmore's London Studio - Largest Keyboard Collection in the world

"A tour of Andy Whitmore's Greystoke Studios featuring the largest working vintage keyboard/synth collection in Europe. Andy is a top record producer with 14 UK top ten hits so far for artists such as Lemar and Atomic Kitten

Not sure about the largest working vintage keyboard/synth collection in Europe but he sure makes that Moog sound sweet.


DeFeKT said...

He seems like a TWAT!! nice synths tho..if he didnt have any nice synths i would hate him fullstop!!!



Per said...

He seems like a good keyboardist but calling the Xpander a analogue version of the DX7 reveals his knowledge or rather lack thereof.

sectionfive said...


Provolt0110 said...

He's not so bad.
I would give my left nut for those avalon channel strips.

Anonymous said...

I've actually worked with andy and whatever you want to say about him, he gets the job DONE!

AudioLemon said...

The guy is a bit over the top but it's hard to be self promoting all the time... I guess it happens.