Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I know it's stupid!

It's an easter egg found on a HP ScanJet 5P. It's stupid but still kind of cool. The scanner uses a stepper motor so you can speed it up or slow it down to create pitch. There's another guy HERE trying to use stepper motors for expressly musical purposes. 

I found a bit more info on using stepper motors for music... not sure why I bothered but I just like seeing music coming from things that weren't specifically designed for music. "Unlike most other motors, a stepper motor's shaft doesn't rotate continuously; instead, it turns in small increments (steps). The stepping action makes it easy to rotate the shaft by a precise and repeatable amount, something that can be difficult with other types of motors. Many consumer electronics/computer products, like printers, scanners, and fax machines have stepper motors in them."

Maybe the laptop won't feel as lonely on stage anymore. You could bring along a few of his office buddies the printer, fax machine and scanner and really get that party started ;) 


Anonymous said...

you might want to check this out:

AudioLemon said...

Haha... excellent. I mean why use one printer when you can use 12 printers instead to have a printer opera.

2BiT said...

Nice printer themed vid here too:

bmoviehorror said...

That's pretty damn awsome!

Anonymous said...

should collect every bodys old printers and scanners and put like 100 of them playin together..

electroinic waste orchestra!