Monday, March 02, 2009

Township Funk-remix stems

I came across these whilst browsing the new BleepBeta site...stems of individual elements from DJ Mujava's 'Township Funk' track that's been working up dancefloors lately. Offering parts of tracks in a kind of pick-n-re-mix bag has only been done commercially by a few artists so far Radiohead probably being the most high-profile. Never mind just downloading the track you like from an album, now you can download that _killer_ snare or drum groove!

One thing they don't mention (on the site anyway) is what the licensing is for these stems. What happens if you want to release your remix using these stems? Certainly in the case of the Radiohead stems this was not permitted, although many artists are ok with release under one of the Creative Commons licenses.

Is this an example of the digitally enabled, track vs. album culture taken to the extreme? Let's hear your comments...


AudioLemon said...

We were thinking of doing something similar with PshMvClk - Give away stereo mp3's and then maybe try and sell the multitrack recordings and surround sound mixes, throw in some higher quality (.ape/.wav) files of the album... (kind of other way around)

I guess you have to try something new these days... unless of course you're Bono, then you can just move your millions to Holland and dodge paying tax.

2BiT said...

Yeah that's what I was going to do.

Oh wait, what millions? :/

I think if you're selling music these days you need to give some sort of 'value added' to be able to compete with big marketing budgets etc.

Just got the new Harmonic 313 album and the vinyl came with a CD copy. Simple but definitely a nice touch. Ditto for sample packs, bonus tracks, limited artwork...

I'm at the stage now where much more of my music has seen free net releases than commercial releases...not so different to 6 years ago so! :D
Check my page for a FREE .mp3 of my first vinyl release!