Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Donk Mecca - The Heart Of Donk

A Donk-umentary following the Blackout Crew as they tour around northwest UK playing "Put A Donk On It" to sold out venues. Everybody slags Donk and Scousehouse but it's hard to deny the numbers. Donk for those that might not know is Northern Hardcore. A kinda of slapstick derivative of Hardcore, Grime and.... Donk! Glowsticks, Bikinis, sweaty topless steroid ridden men hugging, social deprivation and a lot of drugs. The documentary is in 5 short parts with Part 1 showing the fairly well kitted youth centre where Donk started, moving to mental hardcore kids partys and lastly to the brawly streets and nightclubs where it is now.

I might not like Donk but I'm a dirter raver at heart and always like the hardcore sounds. Can't help it ;) If you have secret dirty raver leanings check out Hard N'Bouncy a free sample pack from Serious Sounds. It's a great free sample pack that I use it fairly often. 500 odd samples with a really good Hoovers folder, a lot of the classic Hoover/Reese samples.


Anonymous said...

JASUS.. :)


AudioLemon said...

There pretty hardcore lunatic really. I can imagine looking back in 30 years time at this documentary and thinking how fubar it looked.

SubOne said...

seem like proper nut jobs alright

the video to 'put a donk on it' is priceless