Friday, May 15, 2009

granular synthesis in PureData

"another 'classic': granular synthesis in Pd.

You can get the patch here:

Unzip both GRAINS.pd and GRAINREADER.pd into the same directory and load GRIANS.pd.
have fun :)" - thanks to tim167

Maybe watching Curtis Raods in the last post made you want to give granualar synthesis a go. You can download both Pure Data (Pd) and "Theory & Technique of Electronic Music" for free and start messing about with the patches from the links above.

If you prefer VST's maybe have a look at KTgranulator. It's not much to look at but it sounds great and it has a lot of flexibility. There's also a good article over on electronic music, a review of the excellent but expensive crusherX-Studio! At the end of the post is a fairly long list of places where you can get hold of decent granular synths for free.


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