Monday, May 11, 2009

A little random walks this way!

I always like hearing demos of synth modules so I thought I'd post a few of my first goes with the Doepfer A-149-1. The Doepfer A-149-1 is a clone of the middle part from the Buchla 266 Source Of Uncertainty module. With this module I was expecting lots of random atonal plinky plonkiness. I read the description of the module on the Doepfer website which, for me, was a clear as mud. 

The first demo is just that. Randomly plugging in cables trying to make the thing do something weird.  It's a single triangle going through a Frequenstiener with Bit Modification from the A-189-1. Pitch, Filter and clock randomness thank to the A-149. There's a crossfade in the middle of the demo.

I went looking for more info. Found a great post by Peter Grenader explaining the module in friendlier language. For the second demo I tried something based on his description of the module. I used both random outputs to drive 2 oscillators. Both random outputs are synced. Meaning that one generates random octaves and the other generates random semitones within that octave. I ran the semitone one through a quantizer so as I could force the semitones into major  or minor scales. Instead of atonal or chromatic random scales you get nice harmonic randomness. 

For the third patch I used the Allen Strange patch reprinted in Doepferspdf manual. I changed it a little. Instead of using an Squarewave LFO as the input clock to the A-149-1 I used a Cwejman oscillator with a really thin pulse wave . This seems to give much cleaner random gate outputs. A lot better for driving synced envelopes. I start at audiorate (grungy oddly harmonic distortion) and work my way down to slower clock rates. The clock rate is slightly randomized and produces a little flurry of notes every so often. The voltage that drives the flurry of notes also drives the filter you'll hear it at the end.

PS. Really have to get a new player. That one from Imeem is really ugly now. Any suggestions?


DeFeKT said...

fuckin sweet shit..more animal modules :)

AudioLemon said...

Handy little module. Much cooler than I thought it was going to be.