Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ben Burtt Demonstrates how he made Wall-E

Part 1

"Ben Burtt demonstrates how he made Wall-E come to life and answers a ton of questions. This was a presentation I attended at Pixar and it’s seriously amazing to watch Ben as he demos how he made all the Wall-E sounds and what he bought on eBay to get new sounds. If you’re a fan of Wall-E and Star Wars, I really recommend watching some of this."
-Steve Weintraub"

For an interesting read on how Ben Burtt created the Wall-E's vocoded voice have a look at look at THIS article on MoviesOnline.

Part 2


aidan said...

cool. i always love hearing these things. i saw a star wars exhibition reclently that detailed his work in that flick. R2 foreva!

halfdutch said...

brilliant, thanks for posting this!

AudioLemon said...

No problem Halfdutch... cheers for all the mixes :)

DeFeKT said...

sweet...i have to do that spring thing for some oldskool electro zaps :)