Sunday, June 07, 2009

AudioLemon Doepfer A-149-1 Demo's (again)

This is kind of a test post. I am trying out new flash players for the blog. I used to use Imeem but it has gotten so bad that I have to use something else. Their player used to be simple small, simple and efficient but now it's big, covered with ads and only lets you listen to 30secs after which you have to go to Imeem to hear the rest. I posted these demo's before but the Imeem player cut them off and it was generally a waste of time. If you want a better description of the patches, go to the earlier post.

I tried to figure out XSPF flash player but no matter what way I tried it I could not get it to load my playlist when posted on Blogger. I am hosting my files on google sites so maybe that's the problem.

I am going to use this for a while.. it's crazy easy and seems to work. If anybody has any problems with hearing the audio I'd appreciate if you'd let me know in the comments.

EDIT: This is driving me crazy!!! This player only seems to work in Firefox. IE and Chrome don't seem to work. I've also tried SoundCloud but it only lets you upload 5 tracks per month and if your doing demo's that's not a lot.

Any suggestions?


Phil said...

If you're proficient at reading html, you may be able to find a solution for your flash-based mp3 player woes at

I don't remember where I got those mp3 players, but I've had them up for years with no trouble.

I don't remember too many details about their configuration, but if it seems a promising lead, I can see if I can remember enough to help you.

AudioLemon said...

Okay... cheers Phil.

I look into it now... hopefully I'll get something to work.