Sunday, March 21, 2010

TipTop Audio Z-DSP Demo

Got my new TipTop Audio Z-DSP with the Dragonfly card and very tasty it is too. So far TipTop have 2 cards the one thats bundled with the module, the Dragonfly, and another called Bat Filter. The Bat Filter contains 8 digital filters of various types ranging from 4 to 8 poles . More cards promised to come... with everything from compression, EQ, battling LFO's and anything else you can think of that can be done with 1000ms of DSP delaytime.

I made 2 demo's of the module. It is pretty easy to use and being able to modulate the parameters is really very sweet. There is a lot can be done so this is really just a taster. One nice touch is that the module can take severe clipping and will self oscillate once the feedback goes beyond a point. If I get anything more structured at a later stage I'll post that as well. For now if ambient droning hysterical weirdness is your thing you should enjoy these :)


oootini said...

seen this?

control your CV stuff from windows now. (just like motu volta on macs).

now (apparently) controllable from a non DC coupled interface (!!!).

anyone can have CV!

AudioLemon said...

Ya cool, saw the expert sleeper but didn't know it was any audiocard now... excellent.

I have a MOTU and Max so I've been messing around a little with that. Keep promising myself the make the ultimate touchscreen controller for my modular. Have a few bits but nothing really complete...