Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Schranzknecht Modular Drums

"No drumpattern switching here.
Basic drums by simmons SDS5 through a yusynth wavefolder.
MFB Step Seq Clock gets into a yusynth clockdivider which drives the upper baby10.
This one drives the lower baby10. The lower Baby ten switches some vca´s to control three different tracks: Beat, filtered noise and basic FM percussion.
In addition some other "events" are used to bring in a little more variation.
Sequence-switched S&H and CV-offsets for example.
Please excuse the harsh gate popping.
I´ve got another adsr and a dual slew limiter in my pipeline, but they are not ready yet.
More pics: www.vulkanware.de/diy" - thanks to schranzknecht for uploading it.

I look at modular vids all day long and I just liked this. Liked the drum programming. Can imagine a big bass behind it and me bumping in some no name club...

Friday, April 02, 2010

using ableton live to send CV signals

using ableton live to send CV signals. from dan kirkhus on Vimeo.

"using ableton live and a handful of LFO type wav files to modulate external analog gear. fun stuff.

(if you're not interested in the "how" and just want to see the frostwave spaz out, jump to 3:30 or so.) this stuff *only* works with MOTU audio interfaces (see: volta). this is an easy and free way to send beat-synced LFOs to your outboard modular gear; moogerfoogers, sherman filterbank, little phatty... anything with a CV input." - thanks to dan kirkhus for the video.

If you follow this link you can find a link to download the Audio Envelopes hes uses in this video. Check for the updated link in the comments - Get it HERE.