Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BioRhythms-Science Gallery Dublin

Declaration of interest time...I've been involved in putting together the new exhibition in Dublin's Science Gallery, both on the advisory panel and as an exhibitor. The theme is 'Music & The Body' and there's all kinds of cool sound making stuff to play with, from a Reactable to various scientific experiments. If you find yourself in Dublin between now and October, go check it out!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Audio modelling physics engines

Well we've been away for a while...and a post with a _fascinating_ title such as this is hardly likely to drag our readers back, but hey. Gotta start again somewhere!
Physics modeling engines have become the norm for graphics in 3D and computer gaming...but only now are people trying to apply the same thing to audio. New Scientist has the lowdown... Some way to go yet I'd say, but judging by how quickly physics engines took off in gaming I'd say this is going to be a big growth area in the next couple of years.